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Auger Liner Replacement on Mixer Wagons


Stainless steel auger liner

The auger liner on my mixer wagon is about worn out. What liner do I put in it? How much will it cost? How long will it last?

On a New 3042 Knight mixer wagon the new steel is 5/16” thick. A regular replacement liner is 3/16” thick. If the regular liner lasts 5 years, the replacement liner will last 3 years. If you replace the auger liner with stainless it should last approximately 7 years. The cost is double, so we say the cost is double on stainless, but it lasts twice as long. Keep in mind that you only have to pay the labor once if you go with stainless. If you go with the 3/16″ replacement liners you have to pay the labor to install it twice AND you have to cut it out once as well.

I used the Knight 3042 as an example because, as a rule of thumb, on a 1000 head feedlot a 3042 Knight will last pretty close to 5 years. This makes for easy figuring with these numbers. This method generally works for all types of mixer wagons. It does depend on how used the wagon is and how long you are planning to keep it if stainless liners are the right route for you to go. Stainless is a good option if you are going to keep your wagon for a while and if you are using it for a lot of loads per day.

The next time you need mixer wagon liners ask about the options and see if stainless fits you and your operation!

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