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Easy Rake Specs

Easy Rake Silage Facer at Post Equipment

Why face your pile?

  • Eliminate pile undermining
  • Reduce spoilage
  • Reduce dry matter loss
  • Blend forage before the feed mixer
  • Breaks up large chunks
  • Remove only what is needed for that day
  • Seal out oxygen

What makes the Easy Rake best?

  • No hoses to hook up
  • Safe and maintenance free
  • Greatly reduces facing time
  • Works great on any pile
  • Designed by dairymen
  • Easy to ship and no assembly required
  • No moving parts
  • 1 year limited warranty

Easy Rake Specs
Model # Attaches To: Size Weight Max Height
PL16 Payloaders 16L’ x 8W’ 2,000 lbs. 28 feet
PL12 Payloaders 12L’ x 8W’ 1,800 lbs. 24 feet
PL10 Payloaders 10L’ x 8W’ 1,600 lbs. 22 feet
TH4 Telehandlers 4L’ x 7W’ 500 lbs Depends on length of boom
SS7 Skidsteers 7L’ x 6W’ 500 lbs 16 feet


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