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Self-Loading Feeder Wagon


It’s been in northwest Iowa for a while,

You may have seen it at a few dairies,

Or in a parade.

What is it?

A self-loading feed wagon.

A self-loading feed wagon?

That’s right feed cattle all day and never leave one cab,

Never go looking for a pay loader,

Or start up two machines on a cold winter morning.


It’s a Supreme box and a Faresin chasis.

What is a Faresin?

They are made in Italy.

And are the only self-loader with 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer.


The box is 1200 cubic feet

And the motor is 240 hp.

It will load 6000 lbs of silage in a minute.

It will load hay bales,

Just shave off how much you need

And leave the rest of the bale until next feeding.


Call Post Equipment to set up a demo at your farm.

Our man Chad is experienced in operating the machine,

He can teach you or run it for you.

Let’s get started!

Call us today at 712-476-4500.


“Post Equipment Corp. & Metal Recycling had the Supreme Self Loader out on demo at Ocheda Dairy. They mixed a 25,000 lb. dairy ration load with 7 different ingredients in 11 minutes!”