Payloader, skidloader, and telehandler attachments are in stock! Easy Rake silage facers, pallet forks, Tire Gator, and more. Check farm attachments out here.

Auger Bedding Extracter | Farm Equipment>Attachments - 1
$2,900Auger Bedding Extracter1592

skidloader mounts auger bedding extracter for free stalls

Easy Rake SS-5 | Farm Equipment>Attachments - 1
$2,500Easy Rake SS-52078Easy Rake

*NEW* Bag Ripper, skidloader mounts, 4′ wide, SN: 1355 2013 05

Easy Rake2500
I-53 Pallet Forks | Farm Equipment>Attachments - 1
$1,040I-53 Pallet Forks2235Ironwood 53

Euro Tach mounts, full back, 5,200 lb. capacity, 48″ forks, rail style system

Ironwood 531040
Easy Rake TH4 Silage Defacer | Farm Equipment>Attachments - 1
$5,200Easy Rake TH4 Silage Defacer2486Easy Rake

*NEW* Silage defacer, JCB Q-fit mounts, 4′ long, 7′ wide SN: 1763-2015-04

Easy Rake5200
Easy Rake PL-6 | Farm Equipment>Attachments - 1
$7,500Easy Rake PL-62564Easy Rake

**NEW** silage defacer, Volvo mounts, 6′ long, 8′ wide, SN:1793 15 06

Easy Rake7500
Easy Rake SS-8 | Farm Equipment>Attachments - 1
$4,100Easy Rake SS-82568Easy Rake

**NEW** silage defacer, skidloader mounts, 8′ long, 6′ wide, SN: 1927 16 08

Easy Rake4100
Easy Rake PL-12
$10,300Easy Rake PL-122754Easy Rake12ft

**NEW** silage defacer, JRB mounts, 12′ long, 8′ wide, SN: 1929-2016-12

Easy Rake10300
Easy Rake PL-16
$10,900Easy Rake PL-162755Easy Rake16ft

**NEW** silage defacer, JRB mounts, 16′ long, 8′ wide, SN: 1950-2017-16

Easy Rake10900
Easy Rake PL-16
$10,900Easy Rake PL-162756Easy Rake16ft

**NEW** silage defacer, JRB mounts, 16′ long, 8′ wide, SN: 1933-17-16

Easy Rake10900
MDS 8' Grapple Bucket
$5,000MDS 8' Grapple Bucket2760MDS8ft

8′ wide HD bucket with HD grapple made by MDS, will fit JD 244J – JCB 409B – Komatsu WA95 – Volvo L35, bolt on cutting blade is good, grapple has 2 hyd. cylinders, has had very little use. SN: 08065

MDS 16' Tire Gator
$2,100MDS 16' Tire Gator2828MDS16ft

*NEW* 16′ long, flat faced hyd. tips, slides onto pallet forks, put tires on your silage pile with ease!

$10,900Easy Rake PL-16 Silage Defacer2834Easy Rake16ft

*NEW* 16′ long, 8′ wide, Volvo mounts, deface your silage pile quickly and safely! SN:1952-17-16

Easy Rake10900
Easy Rake PL-12 Silage Defacer
$10,300Easy Rake PL-12 Silage Defacer2852Easy Rake12ft

*NEW* 12′ long, 8′ wide, Volvo mounts. No hoses to mess with, easy to use quick tach, deface your silage pile quickly and safely! SN: 1948 1712

Easy Rake10300
Terrys Repair Skidloader Bale Sprear
CallTerrys Repair Skidloader Bale Sprear2866Terry's Repair

2 tine spear, skidloader attachment.

Terry's Repair599
CallPL-12 Easy Rake Volvo Mount3034Easy Rake12ft

Easy Rake Silage Pile Defacer, 12ft Long, Volvo Mounts, A safe and easy way to feed off a silage pile.

Easy Rake
CallPL-20 Easy Rake Volvo Mounts3054Easy Rake20ft

***NEW***  PL-20 Easy Rake with Volvo Mounts, 20 ft long, easy and safe way to face your silage pile, SN: 2081-18-20

Easy Rake