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Fair Manufacturing Bale Processor


New product for Fair Manufacturing

As you are driving around the country, you may see that Fair Bale Processors have a new orange color. This is going to be the new normal for Fair Manufacturing equipment as they are going to paint all their snow blowers and their bale shredders the same orange color. This will increase their brand identity and give them a financial edge. Fair Mfg. buys their paint special-made and they buy it in bulk 100 gallons at a time.

Fair Manufacturing

The Fair 7810 is the new Bale Processor model. Some of the new features include:

  • The bale lift design has been reworked and it is a very heavy and sleek design.
  • This new bale processor is all hydraulic and it has 3 sets of hoses. One set of hoses is for the bale lift, one set to turn the chain table, and one set of hoses for the deflector.
  • The slug bars are manual.
  • The side still opens on the 7810 so you can service the chain table easily. If you have a bale that is a problem you can dump the problem bale quickly out the side.


The Fair 7825 is the original Fair Bale Processor model and it will be painted the same new orange color. This model has a couple of different features including a control box in the cab so you can electronically control the functions from the control box.

The shredder only takes one set of hoses and does 5 different things that is the benefit of the control box and the hydraulic valve stack. The 5 things are:

  1. Hydraulic slug bars so you can change the aggressiveness from the cab
  2. The chain table moves back and forth so you get a more even cut with hay and grass hay
  3. Bale lift
  4. Material deflector
  5. The chain forward and reverse

Both Fair Manufacturing models have a thicker knife than their competition. Both models have an easy way to cut the net off. There is a flat spot on the machine so you can set the hot knife in the flat spot to cut the net off.

Post Equipment has both Fair Bale Processor models in stock. We will be demoing them both this summer at various local farms. Our goal is to do a demo each week at a different location. Call Dan at Post Equipment 712-476-4500 if you would like a Fair Bale Processor demo on your farm!