Misc. Feed Mixers

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used feed mixers and bunk feeders from Roorda, Kelly Ryan, Luck-Now, Mono-Mixer, BJM, SAC, Kirby, Botec and Kuhn Knight.

To discuss a sale or purchase, please contact us online or phone 712-476-4500.

Kirby 605 4-auger mixer wagon | Farm Equipment>Mixers>Misc. Feed Mixers - 1
CallKirby 605 4-auger mixer wagon2482Kirby600cuft.

**NEW** 4 auger mixer, 2 auger discharge with tip off, stainless steel auger liners, aggressive 1/2″ flighting on all 4 augers, single axle with duals, Digi-Star scale with remote. SN: KR005438

SAC Mono Mixer 1315 auger wagon | Farm Equipment>Mixers>Misc. Feed Mixers - 1
$10,850SAC Mono Mixer 1315 auger wagon2538Mono-Mixer300NA

Single auger mixer, auger is in good shape with good knives, left hand chain discharge, stainless steel liner by door, rest of liner is good, Weightronix scale, very good roughage mixer! SN:96141

$14,500Luck Now HM500 Auger Mixer Wagon2656Luck-Now500cuft

Used, has 1 new bottom auger, other bottom auger is good, top augers are good, 2 new bottom auger bearings, LH auger discharge, Digi-Star EZ2000 scale, 540 PTO, SN:99-404

Loewen 1060 4 auger Mixer Wagon | Farm Equipment>Mixers>Misc. Feed Mixers - 1
CallLoewen 1060 4 auger Mixer Wagon2240Misc.1060cuft

4 auger mixer, left hand chain discharge, scale with remote, light kit, 1000 PTO

SAC 4400 Maxi Mixer 4-Auger Mixer
$11,900SAC 4400 Maxi Mixer 4-Auger Mixer2777SAC400cuft

Good used 4-auger mixer, 3-auger discharge, liners are good, augers are 40% or so, Digi-Star scale, 540 PTO,  owner retired, sharp looking mixer and is in good condition! SN: 078101164

$23,5004072 Knight Botec on a IH 4900 Truck2810Kuhn Knight720NA

2000 International 4900 truck, 17,959 hrs, 79,103 miles, DT466E motor, automatic transmission, tandem axle, 4 auger box, all stainless liners, BA’s around 60-80%, TA’s around 40%, 3 auger discharge, Digi-Star EZ 3200 scale, Digi-Star remote,

Kuhn Knight23500
Roorda Highlift 5x12 Feeder Wagon
$3,900Roorda Highlift 5x12 Feeder Wagon2819Roorda240cuft

Left hand chain discharge, new lift chains, good poly floor, side boards, 540 PTO, SN: 107. Through shop and ready to go, very nice condition!

Roorda 5 x 12 bunk feeder
CallRoorda 5 x 12 bunk feeder2849Roorda230cuft.

chain discharge,

$11,900Mono Mixer 1490 Mixer Wagon2905Mono-Mixer490cuft

Left hand chain discharge, new side wall liner on discharge side, fresh planitary oil, knives and auger are good, has the mixing bar and works good, Digi-Star EZ 150 scale, paint is good, good big roughage mixer

$10,900Luck Now 200, 4 Auger Mixer2990Luck-Now200cuft

New liners! 4 auger mixer wagon, good 2 auger discharge, top augers are 70%, bottom augers are 40%, Digi-Star EZ 150 scale, 540 PTO, SN: 99-729, Nice smaller wagon!


$4,500BJM 3 Auger Mixer Wagon2996BJM350cuft

3 auger mixer, left hand 3 auger discharge with some new bearings, augers are 40% or so, liners are good, new tires, Weightronix 615 scale, good little mixer wagon for small jobs!

Kelly Ryan 3x9 Bunk Feeder
CallKelly Ryan 3x9 Bunk Feeder3021Kelly Ryan150cuft

weightronix scale, chain discharge, nice little wagon for feeding calf rations

Kelly Ryan
$3,500Roorda 5x12 Feeder Wagon3022Roorda240cuft

Good Roorda 5×12 feeder wagon, model 225-C, right hand discharge with good chain, good steel floor, good dual floor chain, single new lift chain, 700E central city scale, scale turns on but reads error, 540 PTO, SN:11-97-0083

$9,200Gehl 8435 4 auger mixer wagon3047Gehl435cuft

Good 4 auger mixer, good stainless liners, left hand chain discharge, Gehl 1500 scale head, 425/65/R22.5 tires, one tire and rim is new, 540 PTO, SN: 6063

Gehl 8435 4 auger mixer wagon
CallGehl 8435 4 auger mixer wagon3048Gehl435cuft

scale, 4 auger mixer, chain discharge

Luck Now 2260 TMR Feeder Wagon
CallLuck Now 2260 TMR Feeder Wagon3066Luck-NowNA

No scale, AP tires, very poor tub walls (holes), discharge RH flip – poor, thin augers, SN: 0879, 540PTO


Additional Information

Misc. Feed Mixers

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used feed mixers and bunk feeders from Roorda, Kelly Ryan, Luck-Now, Mono-Mixer, BJM, SAC, Kirby, Botec and Kuhn Knight.

What are misc. feed mixers?

Bunk Feeder wagons do not process the ration being fed. Feed can be layered into the box for medium mixing as it is being transferred out into the bunk for the cattle to consume.

Misc. Feed Mixers from Post Equipment

At Post Equipment, we check the status of our feed mixers and are upfront to our customers about their conditions. We even list all the details of our mixers and bunk feeder wagons along with their prices on our website. All feed mixers are available to look at in-person at our Rock Valley location.

Popular Misc. Feed Mixer Brands & Models

Some of the most popular brands of misc. feed mixers include BJM, Luck-Now, Mono-Mixer and Roorda.


BJM equipment we offer includes used inventory of auger mixer wagons and feeder wagons.

Popular BJM Models

Our most popular model at Post Equipment is the 3-auger mixer wagon.

You can check out more BJM models on their website here.


We carry equipment from Luck-Now like feeder wagons and auger mixer wagons.

Popular Luck-Now Models

Popular models from Post Equipment include: 2260 feeder wagon and HM500 auger mixer wagon.

You can check out more Luck-Now models on their website here.


We offer a rotating inventory of Roorda feeder wagons and bunk feeders.

Popular Roorda models

Popular models currently include 5×12 Feeder Wagons.

Contact Post Equipment online or by phone 712-476-4500 to ask about any machines you see above.