Misc. Feed Mixers

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used feed mixers and bunk feeders from Roorda, Kelly Ryan, Luck-Now, Mono-Mixer, BJM, SAC, Kirby, Botec and Kuhn Knight.

To discuss a sale or purchase, please contact us online or phone 712-476-4500.

Call for Price***NEW*** Big Herd Boss 4815 Feeder4361Herd Boss78-124cuft

***NEW*** Big Herd Boss 4815 Feeder, designed for feeding any type of wet/dry feed! 48″ discharge conveyer, able to load feed box with 8′ bucket, feeder is powered by 12 volt electric/hydraulic motor, 78 cubic ft. capacity 12″ side extension available bringing it to 124 cubic ft. capacity! 17″ discharge chute, able to feed WDG, ear corn, silage, cracked/whole corn, cotton seed, gin trash, brewers grain, cubes etc!

-Feeder dimensions: 102″ long (top of box), 37″ tall  (without extensions) 48″ x 48″ wide at the base.

Kuhn Knight 4072 Botec 4-Auger Mixer Wagon
$29,250Kuhn Knight 4072 Botec 4-Auger Mixer Wagon5229Kuhn Knight720cuft

Used Kuhn Knight 4072 Botec 4-Auger Mixer Wagon! Left hand 3-auger discharge, tandem axle with duals, augers are 50% or so, good stainless steel liners, Digi-Star scale head with LED scoreboard remote read out!  Ready to go!

MFS 640 3 Auger Mixer Wagon
$41,000MFS 640 3 Auger Mixer Wagon5474MFS, Misc.640cuft

Used MFS 640 3 Auger Mixer Wagon! Stainless under bottom auger, RH chain discharge with magnet tip off, good augers, walking tandem axles with floatation tires, small 1000 CV PTO , clevis hitch, light kit, Point scale head! Nice one owner mixer! Ready to go!

mfs misc
SAC 4600 4-Auger Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceSAC 4600 4-Auger Mixer Wagon5432SAC600cuft

SAC 4600 4-Auger Mixer Wagon, LH 3-auger discharge, DigiStar EZ4600 scale, 2×10 extensions, rear light kit, SS liners, single axle, some new auger flights. VERY nice 4-auger coming in👍

Roda 5x16 Feeder Wagon
$9,500Roda 5x16 Feeder Wagon4618Roda5x16ft

Roorda 5×16 Feeder Wagon! One owner 2005 model! Weightronix scale, 385 tires, 540 PTO. Just rebuilt the feed chute and put on a new hitch weigh bar! Older feeder wagon but still ready to get the job done! Ready to go!

***NEW*** NDE H460 3-Auger Mixer Wagon
Call for Price***NEW*** NDE H460 3-Auger Mixer Wagon5330NDE460cuft

***NEW*** NDE H460 3-Auger Mixer Wagon! 5′ RH chain conveyor discharge with magnet, small 1000  PTO, Weight-Tronix scale head, hydraulic conveyor lift, 425 tires! Ready to go!

Meyerink MFS 460 Horizontal Feed Mixer
Call for PriceMeyerink MFS 460 Horizontal Feed Mixer5540MFS460cuft

3 auger wagon, with stainless under the bottom auger, Left hand 4 foot chain discharge, floatation tires

Meyerink 460 3 auger mixer wagon
Call for PriceMeyerink 460 3 auger mixer wagon5551MFS460cuft

single axle, left hand chain discharge, 3 augers, stainless liner under the bottom auger

Call for Price2710 Herd Boss Feeder for Flatbed Pickups3745Herd Boss41cuft

***NEW*** Herd Boss 2710 Feeder, smaller model designed for flatbed pickups, powerful 12 volt electric/hydraulic power unit, powerful hydraulic drive motor, hard-wired remote control with heavy duty wiring, 27″ wide, 88″ long, 37″ tall, 17″ discharge spout, 41 cu.ft. capacity.  Compatible Commodities: MDG, wet cake distillers, ear corn, wet corn, silage, ground hay, cotton seed, gin trash, any mixture of feed.  The 2710 model allows room to pull a gooseneck trailer!

SAC 4400 4 Auger Mixer
$23,900SAC 4400 4 Auger Mixer5026SAC400cuft

Used SAC 4400 4 Auger Mixer! Full stainless liners, good 3 auger discharge, single axle, augers are 40-50% or so! Digi-Star scale head, small 1000 CV PTO! Ready to go!

Buffalo 370 3-Auger Mixer Wagon
$11,500Buffalo 370 3-Auger Mixer Wagon5467Henke Buffalo370cuft

Used Buffalo 370 3-Auger Mixer Wagon! LH 2-auger discharge, good augers, Weigh-Tronix scale head small 1000 PTO! Nice 3 wagon! Ready to go!

$4,000Schuler SRM 353 Reel Mixer Wagon4195Schuler300cuft

Reel mixer, with scale, chain discharge, nice lower priced mixer! Clevis hitch, 540 PTO just serviced checked over and ready to work!


Additional Information

Misc. Feed Mixers

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used feed mixers and bunk feeders from Roorda, Kelly Ryan, Luck-Now, Mono-Mixer, BJM, SAC, Kirby, Botec and Kuhn Knight.

What are misc. feed mixers?

Bunk Feeder wagons do not process the ration being fed. Feed can be layered into the box for medium mixing as it is being transferred out into the bunk for the cattle to consume.

Misc. Feed Mixers from Post Equipment

At Post Equipment, we check the status of our feed mixers and are upfront to our customers about their conditions. We even list all the details of our mixers and bunk feeder wagons along with their prices on our website. All feed mixers are available to look at in-person at our Rock Valley location.

Popular Misc. Feed Mixer Brands & Models

Some of the most popular brands of misc. feed mixers include BJM, Luck-Now, Mono-Mixer and Roorda.


BJM equipment we offer includes used inventory of auger mixer wagons and feeder wagons.

Popular BJM Models

Our most popular model at Post Equipment is the 3-auger mixer wagon.

You can check out more BJM models on their website here.


We carry equipment from Luck-Now like feeder wagons and auger mixer wagons.

Popular Luck-Now Models

Popular models from Post Equipment include: 2260 feeder wagon and HM500 auger mixer wagon.

You can check out more Luck-Now models on their website here.


We offer a rotating inventory of Roorda feeder wagons and bunk feeders.

Popular Roorda models

Popular models currently include 5×12 Feeder Wagons.

Contact Post Equipment online or by phone 712-476-4500 to ask about any machines you see above.