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Let’s get to the “POINT”!

Point Scale Head

What is the POINT scale head?

The POINT scale head is where ruggedness and smart technology are combined into one. It has the ability to be used as a simple/basic scale readout to having the powerhouse capability of long range Bluetooth technology. The POINT can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Looking to upgrade your current scale head?

Whether your current old scale head quit or you’re just looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology, consider upgrading to the POINT. Available with 4 different connector configurations, it is as simple as unplugging from your old scale and plugging those same cords back into the new POINT. This rugged unit is designed to withstand chemical break down, wash down when cleaning your wagon, and extreme temperatures. It is a completely sealed unit preventing dust, mud, snow, and moisture from getting inside and causing unnecessary problems and breakdowns. With its bright LED screen display, you will no longer have any problems being able to read the numbers.

Setup and Multiple Display Options

With either your Apple or Android device, you will download the “Scale-Tec POINT” app for easy setup and calibration. With this same app you also now have the ability to connect wireless to your POINT and use your device as a secondary wireless remote display. Unlike traditional scale heads, if you would like a secondary remote display you would need to purchase an additional display, but with the POINT you can have the remote display you always wanted without any additional costs. So whether you are using the POINT with a feed program or just a simple scale readout you now have the option of a wireless remote display you can mount right in the cab or your loader.

Whether you have any additional questions or you are ready to make the purchase, give Post Equipment a call at 712-476-4500 and we will get you set up with the POINT scale head!