Reel Feed Mixers

New and Used reel feed mixers – Knight, Roto-Mix, Farm Aid, and all other reel mixer wagons, available from Post Equipment are displayed below. Please contact us online or phone 712-476-4500.

Also see: Reel Mixer Parts.

2895Call for PriceFarm AidFarm Aid380cuft

***NEW*** 4 foot left hand discharge, full polly liners, clean sweep, used 385 tires, 540 rpm, weightronix 640xl

Farm Aid
2904Call for PriceFarm AidFarm Aid550cuft

used, left hand 5 foot discharge

Farm Aid
2807Call for PriceFarm AidFarm Aid 340 mixer wagon280cuft.

used, one owner, will have new liners and paddles, nice looking 340

Farm Aid11999
2893Call for PriceFarm AidFarm Aid 340 Reel Mixer280cuft

polly liners, left hand discharge, one owner local trade 2011 model, very nice looking 340!

Weightronix 640 xl scale

Farm Aid
2644Farm Aid 340 reel mixer wagon$24,900Farm AidFarm Aid 340 reel mixer wagon280cuft.

**NEW** Left hand 4 foot chain discharge, full poly liners, 640 XL Weightronix scale. SN:2026

Farm Aid24900
2714Farm Aid 340 reel mixer wagon$17,900Farm AidFarm Aid 340 reel mixer wagon280NA

**REBUILT** 4′ LH chain discharge, new polly liners, new paddles, new spider gears, new belts, some new chains, Weightronix 615 scale, like new mixer! SN: 15283

Farm Aid17900
2758Farm Aid 340 Reel Mixer Wagon$11,900Farm AidFarm Aid 340 Reel Mixer Wagon280cuft.

Used, 4′ LH chain discharge with new poly rollers, new clean sweep, good paddles and rubbers, poly liners, new liner bolts, Digi-Star scale, 540 PTO. SN:7455

Farm Aid11900
2772Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon$20,900Farm AidFarm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon380cuft.

Nice used mixer, 5′ right hand chain discharge, new clean sweep, good paddles with new paddle rubbers, poly liners, good belts/chains, excellent condition! 540 PTO, SN:23592

Farm Aid20900
2792Farm Aid 430 reel mixer wagon$18,900Farm AidFarm Aid 430 reel mixer wagon380cuft.

1 owner local trade, full polly liners, 4′ LH chain discharge, new clean sweep, new front end liner, good spider gears, good paddles, Weightronix 640 xl scale. SN:20728

Farm Aid18900
2831$15,900Farm AidFarm Aid 430 reel mixer wagon380cuft.

polly liners, spiders are good, 5 foot discharge, weightronix scale with big #’s,

Farm Aid15900
1939Knight 2300 reel mixer$10,000KnightKnight 2300 reel mixer260cuft.

3 auger discharge with new augers, Augers are 75-80%, new auger liner, new reel end liner, old style 3-bar reel, J-star scale head.

2211Call for PriceKnightknight 2300 reel mixer wagon260cuft.

3 auger discharge, old style reel, wagon is in good working order

2520Knight 2450 Reel Mixer Wagon$7,500KnightKnight 2450 Reel Mixer Wagon390cuft.

Used, 3 auger discharge, augers are 50% or so, liners are good, Digi-Star scale, SN: 293 (consigned item, will be sold AS IS)

2798Call for PriceKnightKnight 260 reel mixer wagon600cuft.

used, one owner, local trade,consigned item, has gone through our shop, tandem axle, new stainless auger liner, helix reel , 2012 model

2444Knight 3025 reel mixer feeder wagon$14,250KnightKnight 3025 reel mixer feeder wagon250cuft.

Augers are 50% or so, good liners, new wiper tube, some new reel springs, 3 auger discharge with good augers and liners, Digi-Star scale, SN: 0200

1992Knight 3030 reel mixer feeder wagon$14,900KnightKnight 3030 reel mixer feeder wagon300cuft.

New paint! new auger liners, new reel end liner, new bottom auger flighting by door, rest of flighting is 40-50%, 3 auger discharge, Digistar scale-big #’s

2252Knight 3030 reel mixer wagon$14,900KnightKnight 3030 reel mixer wagon300NA

Used, good 3 auger discharge, 4 bar reel with 1 new wiper bar & 1 new mixer bar, some new reel springs, new auger liner by door, new front reel end liner, Digi-Star scale, good looking mixer! SN: 0271

2636Knight 3030 reel mixer wagon$16,900KnightKnight 3030 reel mixer wagon300cuft.

Used, good 3 auger discharge, augers are like new, liners are good, 385 tires, Digi-Star scale, nice looking feed wagon. SN: 0525

2723Knight 3030 reel mixer wagon$16,900KnightKnight 3030 reel mixer wagon300NA

New paint, all new auger fighting, new auger liner by door, rest of liners are 5/32″ thick, new reel springs, 3 auger discharge with new liners, Weightronix scale head, excellent condition! SN: 0749

2835Call for PriceKnightKnight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon300cuft.

Thin augers, no discharge, has knives, WT 2″, CT

2898$13,900KnightKnight 3042420cuft

weightronix scale with remote, slide tray, bottom auger is 80% and top auger is 60%, liners are good, nice older 3042, red frame

2479Knight 3042 reel mixer feed wagon$19,900KnightKnight 3042 reel mixer feed wagon420cuft.

3 auger discharge with good augers, auger flighting is 50% or so, has been relined, Digi-Star scale, sharp looking wagon!

2718Knight 3042 reel mixer wagon$18,900Kuhn KnightKnight 3042 reel mixer wagon420NA

Slide tray discharge, augers are 50% or so, good liners, new reel springs, 425 tires, Digi-Star scale, nice straight wagon.

Kuhn Knight18900
2093Knight 3050 reel mixer$19,900KnightKnight 3050 reel mixer500cuft.

Augers are 80 to 90%, new reel springs, new front auger liner, Weightronix scale w/big numbers, 540 PTO, nice looking wagon

1577Knight 3136 reel mixer$14,900KnightKnight 3136 reel mixer360cuft.

Slide tray discharge, new top auger knives, new auger liners, reel liners are good, 2″ Digistar scale head,

2459Knight 3136 reel mixer wagon$19,900KnightKnight 3136 reel mixer wagon360cuft.

Local trade, slide tray discharge, all liners are good, auger flighting is 60-70%, Weightronix 640 xl scale, very nice looking 3136!

2705Knight 3136 Reel Mixer Wagon$15,900KnightKnight 3136 Reel Mixer Wagon360cuft.

This is a consigned item, will not have a warranty or free shipping! Mixer is in nice condition, slide tray,BA is like new, TA is 40-50%, good wiper plastic/reel springs/liners/tires, Digi-Star scale.

2732Knight 3142 Reel Mixer Wagon$19,500KnightKnight 3142 Reel Mixer Wagon420cuft.

Consigned item, will not have a 60 day warranty. Newer 3 auger discharge, has been relined, bottom auger is 40-50%, top auger is 50% with knives, wiper/mixer bars are good, good reel springs SN:A0296

2666Knight 3142 Reel Mixer Wagon$13,900KnightKnight 3142 Reel Mixer Wagon420cuft.

This is a consigned item. Slide tray discharge, augers are 30-40%, liners are ok, Digi-Star scale, 540 PTO, nice straight 3142.

2717Knight 3142 reel mixer wagon$23,900KnightKnight 3142 reel mixer wagon420NA

**REBUILT** New paint, all new auger flighting, all new liners-SS auger liners, new reel springs, slide tray discharge, light kit, Digi-Star scale, like new condition!

2753Knight 3142 reel mixer wagon$22,900KnightKnight 3142 reel mixer wagon420cuft.

Slide tray discharge, new bottom and top auger flighting, stainless auger liner, new reel liner, very sharp wagon all work was done 6 months ago! Weightronix scale, small 1000 PTO. SN:B0317

2902$20,900Kuhn KnightKnight 3150 mixer wagon500cuft

bottom auger is at 80% top auger is at 70%, slide tray discharge, will have new top auger knives

Kuhn Knight20900
2516Knight 3150 Reel Mixer Wagon$25,900KnightKnight 3150 Reel Mixer Wagon500cuft.

Used, slide tray discharge, new 425 tires/rims, new driveline bearings, augers are 60-70%, liners are good, in good condition! Weightronix scale, SN: C0054

2622Knight 3150 reel mixer wagon$29,900KnightKnight 3150 reel mixer wagon500cuft.

Slide tray discharge, augers are 75% or so, good stainless steel liners, replaced 3 bearings, has light kit, Digi-Star scale with remote, New Paint! good shape.

2854Call for PriceKnightKnight 3150 Reel Mixer Wagon500cuft.

Slide tray discharge, Digi-Star scale with remote, Consigned item, does not have a 60 day warranty.

2639Knight 3160 reel mixer$24,900KnightKnight 3160 reel mixer600cuft.

Slide tray discharge, TA is 70%, BA has newer flights by door rest is 50% or so, liners are good, newer reel bars, new reel springs, Digi-Star scale and remote, good big mixer wagon!

2623Knight 3160 reel mixer wagon$33,900KnightKnight 3160 reel mixer wagon600cuft.

Slide tray discharge, good liners, augers are 80% or so, Digi-Star scale with remote display, good shape. SN: C0128

2447Call for PriceKnightKnight 3250 Reel Mixer Wagon216cuft.

4 bar reel, 50% BA & TA, 3A discharge, DS scale

2601Call for PriceKnightKnight 3300 feed mixer wagon260cuft.

TA-thin, BA-70%, 3A-good, 4 bar reel, back corner bent a little, has liners

567$4,000Knight 3300 reel mixer260cuft.


2863Call for PriceKnightKnight 3300 Reel Mixer260cuft.

Used, 3-auger discharge with magnets, good liners, 4 bar reel, TA is 30%, BA is 60%, Weightronix scale head, 540 PTO

2373Knight 3300 reel mixer wagon$7,900KnightKnight 3300 reel mixer wagon260cuft.

New style reel, new flighting by the door rest are 30% or so, wagon is on risers so can feed in bunks, Weightronix scale. Sold AS IS!

2638knight 3300 reel mixer wagon$9,500Knightknight 3300 reel mixer wagon260cuft.

Good 3 auger discharge, old styl reel, new bottom auger assembly, TA is 40%, runs and works well, nice looking. Selling AS IS SN: 0091

2649Knight 3300 reel mixer wagon$11,900KnightKnight 3300 reel mixer wagon260cuft.

3 auger discharge, Digi-Star scale, 4 bar new style reel, liners and augers are good, new auger liner by door, 2 new wiper bars, nice smaller mixer. SN: 2339

2628Knight 3450 Reel Mixer Wagon$12,500KnightKnight 3450 Reel Mixer Wagon390cuft.

Used, slide tray discharge, some new bearings-reel springs, stainless auger liner, reel has been relined and in good condition, augers are 40-50%, Weightronix scale, SN: 725

2874Call for PriceKnightKnight 3450 Reel Mixer Wagon390cuft.

3-auger discharge, will have new BA, TA is 50%, some new reel springs, Digi-Star scale, nice straight mixer.

2562Knight 3550 reel mixer wagon$17,900KnightKnight 3550 reel mixer wagon500cuft.

New reel liners, stainless steel auger liners are like new, good reel end liners,new slide tray w/magnets, new reel springs, bottom auger is 90%, top auger is 40%, new paint, Sharp mixer!

2734Knight 3550 reel mixer wagon$14,900KnightKnight 3550 reel mixer wagon500NA

Old style reel, good wiper plastic, liners are good at 3/16″, BA is 95%, TA is 70%, good 3 auger discharge with magnets, small 1000 PTO, Digi-Star scale, SN:0218

2260Knight Kuhn RC 150 reel mixer$29,900Kuhn KnightKnight Kuhn RC 150 reel mixer500NA

2010 model, augers are 50-60%, liners are good, new reel springs, new wiper plastic, light kit, very good shape SN: A0006

Kuhn Knight29900
2801Knight RC 250 Helix Reel Mixer Wagon$31,500KnightKnight RC 250 Helix Reel Mixer Wagon500cuft.

Used, helix reel, augers are 50% or so, new wiper plastic, newer tires, slide tray discharge with new magnets and bunk guard, Weightronix scale with remote, small 1000 PTO, very good mixer! SN: A0068

2340Knight RC 250 reel mixer wagon$34,900KnightKnight RC 250 reel mixer wagon500cuft.

One owner local trade, helix reel, augers are 70-80%, liners are good, slide tray discharge, light kit, Weightronix 640 XL scale w/big #’s, 425 tires, sharp looking wagon! SN: A0055

2877Call for PriceKnightRoto-Mix 354-12B Feed Mixer Wagon354cuft.

Needs Rebuild

2643Roto-Mix 374 reel mixer wagon$4,900Roto-MixRoto-Mix 374 reel mixer wagon350NA

Slide tray discharge, bottom auger is thin, top auger is ok, liners are ok, Digi-Star scale w/ big #’s, 540 PTO, this mixer runs/works well, it’s a decent mixer wagon for not a lot of money! AS IS!

2794Call for PriceRoto-MixRoto-Mix 524-15B Reel Mixer Wagon524cuft.

Paint – excellent!, BA 40-50%, TA 60%, Paddles – maybe replace some

2493Roto-Mix 620-16 Staggard Rotor Mixer Wagon$45,000Roto-MixRoto-Mix 620-16 Staggard Rotor Mixer Wagon620cuft.

Staggard rotor mixer wagon, single axle with duals, slide tray discharge, liners are good, augers are 60-70%, paddle rubbers are good, new paint, Digi-Star scale head and remote, Excellent condition!

2499Roto-Mix 620-16 with 04 Kenworth feed truck$78,900Roto-MixRoto-Mix 620-16 with 04 Kenworth feed truck600NA

Very nice unit! Mixer is a staggard rotor, box/truck frame are repainted, reel liner is good @ 3/16″, new SS auger liner, new flighting on BA, TA is 70%, some new bearings/chains.

1984Roto-Mix 620-16 XD staggered rotor mixer wagonCall for PriceRoto-MixRoto-Mix 620-16 XD staggered rotor mixer wagon620cuft.

***NEW*** staggared rotor, slide tray, light kit, ladder, digi star scale, hd drive

2907$16,500SACSAC 6129 Reel Mixer Wagon290cuft

Used, good 3 auger discharge, 4 bar reel, good wiper plastic, good reel springs, good liners, augers are 50-60% or so, light kit, 540 PTO, SN:1008284 This is a consigned item does not include a 60 day warranty!

2788SAC 6046 Reel Mixer Wagon$22,500SACSAC 6046 Reel Mixer Wagon460cuft.

Bottom auger is 95%, top auger is 80%, stainless auger liner, reel liner is good, new reel springs, light kit, small 1000 PTO, SN: 0806230

2891Call for PriceSACSAC 6129 Mixer Wagon290cuft

Consigned item, nice mixer, more info to come.