Reel Feed Mixers

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used reel feed mixers from Kuhn Knight, Roto-Mix, Farm-Aid, SAC and more. Post Equipment also offers feed truck mixers and truck mounted mixers.

To discuss a sale or purchase, please contact us online or phone 712-476-4500.

Knight 3025 reel mixer feeder wagon | Farm Equipment>Mixers>Reel Feed Mixers - 1
$13,250 $11,900Knight 3025 reel mixer feeder wagon2444Kuhn Knight250NA

Augers are 50% or so, good liners, new wiper tube, some new reel springs, 3 auger discharge with good augers and liners, Digi-Star scale, SN: 0200

Call for PriceKnight 3025 Reel Auggie Mixer Wagon3521Kuhn Knight250cuft

Used 3025 reel mixer wagon, 3 auger left-hand discharge, 4 bar style reel, augers are 40%-50% or so, 540 PTO, rear light-kit, Weightronix 615 scale, SN: 503, *Consigned item* – does not come with 60-day warranty.

Knight 3300 reel mixer wagon | Farm Equipment>Mixers>Reel Feed Mixers - 1
$11,900 $9,900Knight 3300 reel mixer wagon2649Kuhn Knight260NA

3 auger discharge, Digi-Star scale, 4 bar new style reel, liners and augers are good, new auger liner by door, 2 new wiper bars, nice smaller mixer. SN: 2339

$9,900Knight 3300 Reel Mixer Wagon3310Kuhn Knight260cuft

Fresh Trade, Knight 3300 reel mixer wagon, new reel springs, new BA bearing, top auger is 75%, bottom auger is 75%, auger liner is good at 3/32″, reel liner is good at 1/8″, Weigh-Tronix 700E scale, 260 cu.ft., 540 PTO, SN: 545.

$10,800Kuhn Knight 3300 Reel Mixer Wagon3323Kuhn Knight260cuft

New reel liner, new auger liner, 3 new top auger flights by the door, new front and back 1/2 moon wall liners, new input seal, 2 new reel wiper tubes, good 3 auger discharge, bottom auger is 50-60% or so, John Deere hydraulic tips, 260 cu.ft, 540 PTO, SN: 0181

Knight 2300 Reel Mixer Wagon
CallKnight 2300 Reel Mixer Wagon3486Kuhn Knight260cuft

Used 2300 reel mixer wagon, 3-auger discharge, 540 PTO, will have a new bottom auger, good liners, top auger is 40% or so. Coming In

$11,900Farm Aid 340 Reel Mixer Wagon3167Farm Aid280cuft

New clean sweep, good left hand 4 foot discharge, 1995 model, Digi-Star EZ View 150, 540 PTO, SN: 7455

Knight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon
$14,900Knight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon2252Kuhn Knight300cuft

Used, good 3 auger discharge, 4 bar reel with 1 new wiper bar & 1 new mixer bar, some new reel springs, new auger liner by door, new front reel end liner, Digi-Star scale, good looking mixer! SN: 0271

Knight 3030 reel mixer wagon | Farm Equipment>Mixers>Reel Feed Mixers - 1
$16,900 $12,900Knight 3030 reel mixer wagon2636Kuhn Knight300cuft

Used, good 3 auger discharge, augers are like new, liners are good, 385 tires, Digi-Star scale, nice looking feed wagon. SN: 0525

Knight 3030 reel mixer wagon
$16,900 $15,500Knight 3030 reel mixer wagon2723Kuhn Knight300cuft

New paint, all new auger fighting, new auger liner by door, rest of liners are 5/32″ thick, new reel springs, 3 auger discharge with new liners, Weightronix scale head, excellent condition! SN: 0749

$14,200Knight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon2835Kuhn Knight300NA

3 auger discharge, top and bottom augers have new flighting, good liners, some new reel springs, Weigh-Tronix scale, 540 PTO, SN: 1087, Nice wagon to get the job done!

$18,900Kuhn Knight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon3068Kuhn Knight300cuft

Nice looking Reel Auggie 3030, 3 auger discharge, liners are good, top auger is 30%, knives are good, bottom auger is 75%, Digi-Star EZ 2000 scale, 540 PTO, SN:0846.  This is a consigned item, there will not be a 60 day warranty.

$13,700Knight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon3156Kuhn Knight300cuft

New wiper bar plastic, new input shaft seal and GB oil, top auger is 80%, bottom auger is 70%, good liners, good 3 auger discharge, light kit, 540 PTO, SN: 1288.  Very nice knight 3030!

$18,900Kuhn Knight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon3294Kuhn Knight300cuft

Complete Rebuild!  New liners, new top auger and bottom auger flights, new mixer and wiper bars, new input seal, 3 auger discharge, new tip off tray with new magnets, new discharge door, Digi-Star EZ 150 scale, 540 PTO.  Very, very nice mixer wagon!

$10,500Knight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon3341Kuhn Knight300cuft

Top and Bottom auger are 85%, was relined 2 months before being parked, 3 auger discharge, tip off tray with magnets, Weightronix 615 scale, 300 cu.ft., 540 PTO, SN: 0903.  Selling AS-IS, there will not be a 60 day warranty.

$16,900Kuhn Knight 3130 Reel Mixer Wagon3440Kuhn Knight300cuft

Complete Rebuild!!!  2010 model, new top auger and bottom auger flights, new reel and auger liners, new front wall 1/2 moon liner, new discharge door, new augers on the 3 auger discharge, new poly liners on the 3A, new gearbox seal, all new wheel bearings, new tire and rim assemblies, light kit, 540 PTO, Digi-Star scale, SN: B0616.

$12,500Kuhn Knight 2375 Reel Mixer Wagon3268Kuhn Knight325cuft

New auger liner, reel liner is good at 5/32″, old style reel, 3 auger discharge with new tip off tray and magnets, J-Star scale, 385 tires, new input seal, 540 PTO, 325 cu.ft, SN: 184.  Nice looking older wagon!

$25,900Kuhn Knight 3136 Reel Mixer Wagon3040Kuhn Knight360cuft

Very nice 3 auger discharge, weigh-tronix 640 XL scale, 385 tires, small 1000 pto, light kit, liners are good, TA is 70%,  BA is 80%, SN: E0084, very nice looking reel auggie 3136, this is a consigned item, there will not be a 60 day warranty.

$17,900Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon3321Farm Aid380cuft

New Paint! New liners! New clean sweep, New reel facing, Weigh-Tronix 615 XL scale head, 540 PTO, SN: 10818.  Nice Feed Wagon!

$31,900Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon3338Farm Aid380cuft

***NEW*** Left hand 4′ chain discharge, full poly liners, 540 PTO, Weightronix 640XL scalehead, 380 cu.ft, SN: 2126

$21,9002014 Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon3395Farm Aid380cuft

2014 model, LH 5′ chain discharge with magnets, 385 tires, weightronix scale, 540 pto, good poly liners, good spider gears, has all new gearbox chains, will have new paddle rubbers, new clean sweep & pto shield. SN:1018

$13,900Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon3452Farm Aid380cuft

Grader tires, LH 4′ discharge, 540 PTO, Weightronix 640XL scale with remote on RH side of wagon, could use some reel work, SN: 10798.  This is a consigned item, there will not be a 60 day warranty.

$13,900Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon3466Farm Aid380cuft

New poly liner, new clean sweep, new paddle rubbers, some new reel facing, left hand 4′ discharge, 540 PTO, Digi Star EZ2000 scale, SN: 4201.  Nice Unit!

Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceFarm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon3514Farm Aid380cuft

used, one owner local trade 2015 model, will have some new liners

$18,900Roto-Mix 414-14B Reel Feeder Wagon2989Roto-Mix414cuft

Complete Rebuild!  New Paint and Decals!  New reel and auger liners, new top and bottom auger flights, new input seal, new slide tray, new discharge door, 3 bar style reel, Digi-Star 2400 scale head, 540 PTO, 414 cu.ft. SN: 800525617.  Sharp Unit with Brand New Internals!

$21,9002013 Roto-Mix 414-14B Staggard Rotor Mixer Wagon3359Roto-Mix414cuft

2013 Roto-Mix 414-14B staggard rotor mixer wagon, slide tray discharge with magnets, good paddle rubbers, bottom auger is 50% or so, top auger is 60% or so, liners are good at 1/4″, small 1000 PTO, 414 cu.ft. capacity, very straight nice looking mixer! SN:810239394

$17,900Roto-Mix 414-14B Reel Mixer Wagon3492Roto-Mix414cuft

Left-hand slide tray discharge with new magnet plate, new discharge door, 5 bar reel style w/new springs, added some new mixer bars and wiper bars, new front reel liner, Digi-Star EZ 2000 V scale, 540 PTO, SN: 800635905. Cleaned up and ready to go!

Roto-Mix 414-14B Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceRoto-Mix 414-14B Reel Mixer Wagon3499Roto-Mix414cuft

***NEW*** Staggered rotor, 3/8″ liners, 540 PTO, slide tray with magnets, viewing ladder, tail light kit.

$21,900Knight 3042 Reel Mixer Wagon2718Kuhn Knight420cuft

New Paint! Slide tray discharge, augers are 50% or so, good liners, new reel springs, 425 tires, Digi-Star scale, small 1000 PTO,  nice straight wagon!

$24,500Kuhn Knight 3142 Reel Mixer Wagon3397Kuhn Knight420cuft

2013 model Kuhn Knight 3142 reel mixer wagon, orange in color, slide tray discharge with magnets, 385 tires, light kit, 540 PTO, Digi-star scale, top auger is 70% or so, bottom auger is 60% or so, good reel springs and mixer bars, auger liner is good at 5/32″, reel liner is good at 1/4″, SN: E0131.  Very nice mixer!

$13,900Farm Aid 440 Reel Mixer Wagon3187Farm Aid440cuft

New poly liners, left hand 4′ discharge w/ new chain, new clean-sweep, new paddle rubbers and springs, new hydraulic hoses, Weigh-Tronix Model 1040 scale, CV-540 PTO, SN: 7725

$18,700Roto-Mix 490-14 Reel Mixer Wagon3097Roto-Mix490cuft

New auger liners with stainless steel section by the door, new reel liners, top auger has new flights on the front half, bottom auger has new flights on the front half, new bottom auger bearings front and back, 2′ left hand chain discharge, Digi-Star scale head, 490 cu.ft., 540 PTO, SN: 491263278.

$15,500Roto-Mix 490-14 Reel Mixer Wagon3229Roto-Mix490cuft

Good Stainless Liners, new input seal, bottom auger is 90%, top auger is 40%, 5 bar reel style with newer reel bars, bunk guard, Digi-Star EZ 150 scale, small 1000 PTO, 490 cu.ft. capacity, SN: 480190779.  Excellent mechanical condition!!

Knight 3150 Reel Mixer Wagon | Farm Equipment>Mixers>Reel Feed Mixers - 1
$25,900 $23,500Knight 3150 Reel Mixer Wagon2516Kuhn Knight500NA

Used, slide tray discharge, new 425 tires/rims, new driveline bearings, augers are 60-70%, liners are good, in good condition! Weightronix scale, SN: C0054

Knight RC 250 Helix Reel Mixer Wagon
$31,500 $27,500Knight RC 250 Helix Reel Mixer Wagon2801Kuhn Knight500NA

Used, helix reel, augers are 50% or so, new wiper plastic, newer tires, slide tray discharge with new magnets and bunk guard, Weightronix scale with remote, small 1000 PTO, very good mixer! SN: A0068

$32,500Kuhn Knight RC 250 Helix Reel Mixer Wagon3479Kuhn Knight500cuft

Nice low use Knight RC 250! Slide tray discharge, helix reel, good 425 tires, top auger is 70%, bottom auger is 60%, Digi-Star EZ 2500v scale head, light kit, small 1000 PTO, SN: C0131.  This is a consigned item, there will not be a 60 day warranty.

$62,500Roto-Mix 524-15B on 2001 Kenworth Truck3161Roto-Mix524cuft

Stainless steel liners, new input seal, new bottom auger bearing, top auger is 80%, bottom auger is 80%, fresh oil change on the truck, new end wall liners, new discharge door, some new chains in the GB, Digi-Star 3200 scale with remote, 2001 Kenworth Truck, 49,418 miles, single axle with duals, new tires on rear, 2 speed auto transmission.  Nice Unit!

Roto-Mix 524-15 Reel Mixer
CallRoto-Mix 524-15 Reel Mixer3536Roto-Mix524cuft

Used, will have all new liners, all new auger flighting, 2′ chain discharge is 2 years old,  bar reel, red in color, more info to come!

$18,900Farm Aid 550 Reel Mixer3254Farm Aid550cuft

New poly liners, discharge door, drive belt, hydraulic hoses, reel facing, clean sweep, kickers and rubber!  Left hand chain discharge, small 1000 PTO, Digi-Star EZ2000 scale, SN: 15934.

$28,900Farm Aid 680 Reel Mixer Wagon3515Farm Aid550cuft

New poly liners, new auger liner, right hand 4′ discharge, new clean-sweep, Digi-Star EZ2500V scale, Non-CV Small 1000 PTO, SN: 24523, Very nice looking 680!

Call for PriceKeenan MechFiber 340 Reel Mixer Wagon3057Keenan565cuft

***NEW*** Keenan MechFiber 340, left hand discharge, 6 paddle system with fixed knives, 540 PTO, SN: MF341111 521, heavy duty and well built wagon!

$22,500Knight 3700 Reel Mixer Wagon3043Kuhn Knight600cuft

New stainless steel auger liner by door, new side wall liner by door, new knives, reel liner and auger flights were done last fall, BA is 85%, TA 65%, good 4 auger discharge with new back wall plates, small 1000 PTO


$29,900Kuhn Knight 3160 Reel Mixer Wagon3061Kuhn Knight600cuft

Very nice 4 auger discharge, good liners, Top Auger is 80%, Bottom Auger is 80%, Digi-Star EZ 2400v scale with remote display, big 1000 PTO, 425 x 65 tires, light kit. SN: C0128.  Nice Wagon!

CallKnight 3060 Reel Mixer Wagon on 1999 Freightliner3505Kuhn Knight600cuft

Knight 3060 reel mixer wagon on a 1999 Freightliner cab-over truck, slide tray discharge, TA is 70%, BA is 60%, has been relined, truck has 5.9 Cummins engine, auto transmission, single axle with good tires, pretty straight unit, more info to come!

$31,900 $29,900Kuhn Knight 3170 Reel Mixer Wagon2941Kuhn Knight700cuft

Nice used mixer! New slide discharge, new bottom auger assembly, top auger is 40-50% with new knives, new SS auger liners by door, reel liners are good, excellent paint, Weightronix scale with scoreboard remote, small 1000 PTO, sharp mixer! SN:CO100

$25,900Knight 3070 Reel Mixer Wagon3131Kuhn Knight700cuft

New Paint, new top auger assembly, new slide tray with magnets, new drive line bearings, new wiper bar plastic, new door, airplane tires, bottom auger is 40-45%, Stainless Liners! Digi-Star EZ 2000 scale head, small 1000 PTO, 700 cubic foot capacity.

$13,500Knight 3700 Reel Mixer Truck Mount3203Kuhn Knight700cuft

Mixer truck mount, new stainless steel auger liner by door, left-hand discharge, good 5-bar style reel, dual augers, augers are 30% or so, rear light-kit, SN: 0074

Kuhn Knight RC 270 Mounted on IH Truck
Call for PriceKuhn Knight RC 270 Mounted on IH Truck3362Kuhn Knight700cuft

Fresh Trade!  Kuhn Knight RC 270 Mixer Wagon Mounted on IH Truck.  More Info. and Pictures to come!


Additional Information

Post Equipment Reel Feed Mixers

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used reel feed mixers from Kuhn Knight, Roto-Mix, Farm-Aid, SAC and all other reel mixer wagons along with feed truck mixers and truck mounted mixers.

What are Reel Feed Mixers?

Reel feed mixers are used to measure, mix and distribute feed to your livestock and it is imperative that you choose the right one. Reel mixers combine augers and reels in a hopper to lift feed and mix it in order to discharge the feed to provide nourishment for your herd. The auger acts as a knife to cut hay and add it to the rest of the feed. There are many options of mixers, but a reel feed mixer can help you maintain just the right ration for the most efficient weight gains of your livestock. Choosing the right option of reel mixer will depend on how much livestock needs to be fed and what ingredients are used in the feed.

Reel Feed Mixers from Post Equipment

At Post Equipment, we check the status of the augers and reels in our reel mixers and are upfront to our customers about their conditions. We even list all the details of our reel mixers, along with their prices, on our website. All reel mixers are available to look at in-person at our Rock Valley location as well.

Popular Reel Feed Mixer Brands & Models

Some of the most popular brands of Reel Feed Mixers include Kuhn Knight, Roto-Mix, Farm-Aid and SAC.

Kuhn Knight

Kuhn Knight North America has a wide range of reel feed mixers to choose from. Depending upon the needs of your farm operation, we can help you find the Kuhn Knight model that is right for you.

Popular Kuhn Knight Models

The following models are popular at Post Equipment: 3025, 3030, 3250 and 3300, though we will stock or purchase any Kuhn Knight reel feed mixer wagon.

You can check out more Kuhn Knight models on their website here.


We carry new and used Roto-Mix reel feed mixers in a variety of models to choose from. Let us help you pick out the one you need for your feed.

Popular Roto-Mix Models

Reel feed mixers from Roto-Mix include: 414-14B, 524-15B and 620-16.

You can check out more Roto-Mix models on their website here.


New and used SAC mixers are available in different models to best suit your farm operation.

Popular SAC models

Popular models currently include: 6046, 6129 and 6160.

Contact Post Equipment online or by phone 712-476-4500 to ask about any machines you see above.