Reel Feed Mixers

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used reel feed mixers from Kuhn Knight, Roto-Mix, Farm-Aid, SAC and more. Post Equipment also offers feed truck mixers and truck mounted mixers.

To discuss a sale or purchase, please contact us online or phone 712-476-4500.

$8,500Knight 3020 Stationary Reel Mixer Wagon3919Kuhn Knight200cuft

Knight 3020 Stationary Reel Mixer Wagon, liners are good, augers are 50% or so, good reel bars,  requires a 10 HP 3-phase motor to run mixer, motor NOT included. Mixer is in very nice condition!

$9,900Knight 3020 Reel Mixer Wagon4102Kuhn Knight200cuft

***Consigned***Knight 3020 Reel Mixer, LH 3-auger discharge w/plastic liners, 4 reel bars, clean sweep, good augers and good flighting, 540 pto, Weightronix 615 scale, SN: 0273.

***Consigned item no 60-day warranty***

$5,500Knight 2300 Reel Mixer Wagon3786Kuhn Knight260cuft

***Consigned wagon*** Left-hand 3 auger discharge, poly auger liners, 3 bar reels, top auger is at around 20% and bottom is around 30%, self-contained hydraulics, single axle, 540 pto, J-Star Model 5 scale, 260 cu.ft., SN: N/A

60-day warranty does not apply

Knight 3300 Reel Mixer Wagon
CallKnight 3300 Reel Mixer Wagon4173Kuhn Knight260cuft

Knight 3300 Reel Mixer Wagon, 3-auger discharge, liners and augers are ok, coming in!

$10,900Roto-Mix 274-12B Reel Mixer Wagon3900Roto-Mix274cuft

Roto-Mix 274-12B Reel Mixer Wagon, LH slide tray discharge w/new door and new magnets, 3-bar reel, new auger liners, new reel liners, bottom auger is 40% or so, top auger is 30% or so, 540 pto, Digi-Star EZ 2000 scale, 274 cu.ft., SN: 800315169.

$14,500Farm Aid 340 Reel Mixer Wagon4073Farm Aid280cuft

left hand 4 foot discharge, has a new chain and new conveyor shell, new clean sweep and new discharge door, 385/22.5 tires, Very nice looking wagon!

SAC 6129 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceSAC 6129 Reel Mixer Wagon3903SAC290cuft

reel mixer wagon, big tires, 3 auger discharge

Knight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon
$13,000Knight 3030 Reel Mixer Wagon4035Kuhn Knight300cuft

Used, good 3 auger discharge, 4 bar reel with 1 new wiper bar & 1 new mixer bar, some new reel springs, new auger liner by door, new front reel end liner, Digi-Star scale, good looking mixer! SN: 0271

$14,500Knight 3130 Reel Mixer Wagon4065Kuhn Knight300cuft

Used Knight 3130 mixer wagon, LH slide tray discharge w/magnets, augers at about 30%-40%, TA knives, new wiper plastic, good liners, 385 tires, 540 pto, Digi-Star EZ 2000V, 300 cu.ft. capacity.

Farm Aid 340 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceFarm Aid 340 Reel Mixer Wagon4110Farm Aid340cuftfarm-aid
Knight 3036 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKnight 3036 Reel Mixer Wagon3938Kuhn Knight360cuft

augers and liners are good, slide tray with magnets

Knight 3136 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKnight 3136 Reel Mixer Wagon4026Kuhn Knight360cuft

single axle, stainless auger liners, reel liners are mild

$18,900Kuhn Knight 3136 Reel Mixer Wagon4029Kuhn Knight360cuft

Kuhn Knight 3136 reel mixer wagon, good 3 auger discharge, top auger is 30-40% with new knives as needed, bottom auger is 50% or so with 2 newer flights on front, liners are good, 385 tires, Weightronix 640 scale, 540 PTO. rear light kit, 360 cu.ft.

$28,900Kuhn Knight RA136 Helix Reel Mixer Wagon4074Kuhn Knight360cuft

Sharp used Kuhn Knight RA136 Reel Mixer Wagon, new stainless steel liners in 2020, all new auger flighting in 2020, good LH 2′ 3-auger discharge w/ magnets, helix reel, small 1000 pto, 385/65R22.5 tires, Avery Weigh-Tronix 640XL, 360 cu.ft., SN: A0066. Good condition!

Knight 3036 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKnight 3036 Reel Mixer Wagon4168Kuhn Knight360cuft

top and bottom auger are 75%, good looking 3036 has a 3 auger discharge

Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon
CallFarm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon3949Farm Aid380cuft

Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon, 5′ left hand chain discharge, poly liners, needs new paddles & rubbers & clean sweep, coming in!

Call for Price**NEW**Farm Aid 430 LH Reel Mixer Wagon4076Farm Aid380cuft

***NEW*** Farm Aid 430 LH reel mixer! LH 5′ chain discharge, full poly liners, clean sweep, 540 pto, 385 tires, Weigh-Tronix 640XL scale, 380 cu.ft., SN: 2253. Coming in!!

Farm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceFarm Aid 430 Reel Mixer Wagon4184Farm Aid380cuft

5 foot left hand discharge, digistar 2500 scale, 540 rpm pto, 385 tires, very nice looking 430 !

$6,500Knight 2450 Reel Mixer Wagon3915Kuhn Knight390cuft

**Selling AS-IS** Used Knight 2450, LH slide tray discharge, 5 reel bars, clean sweep, dual augers, 540 pto, Weigh-Tronix 640XL scale, 390 cu.ft.

SAC 6141 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceSAC 6141 Reel Mixer Wagon4142SAC410cuft

slide tray, some new auger flighting, needs a reel liner

Call for Price***NEW***Roto-Mix 414-14B Staggered Rotor Mixer Wagon4099Roto-Mix414cuft

***NEW***Roto-Mix 414-14B Mixer Wagon! Staggered rotor style, 540 pto, mild steel liners, LH slide tray w/magnets, 414 cu.ft., SN: 820612031.

$18,900Knight 3042 Reel Mixer Wagon3812Kuhn Knight420cuft

Nice used 5-reel mixer wagon, good 3-auger discharge, top auger is 50% or so, bottom auger is 70% or so, all liners have been replaced, 540 PTO, single axle, good 425/65R22.5 tires, Digi-Star EZ150, 420 cu.ft. SN: 0123.

$16,900Kuhn Knight 3042 Reel Mixer3865Kuhn Knight420cuft

Used Knight 3042 reel mixer, left-hand slide tray discharge, 5-reel bars in good shape, bottom auger is 70% or so, top auger is 60% or so, good liners, single axle with good tires, Digi-Star EZ 210 scale, small 1000 pto, 420 cu.ft., nice condition!

$16,900Kuhn Knight 3142 Reel Mixer3979Kuhn Knight420cuft

Used Kuhn Knight 3142 Reel Mixer, LH 3-auger discharge, new tipoff and magnet plates, augers are 40-50% or so, good liners, new clean sweep, 5 reel bars, 540 pto, Digi-Star EZ 2500V scale, 420 cu.ft. Nice straight mixer!

Knight 3042 Reel Mixer Wagon
CallKnight 3042 Reel Mixer Wagon4111Kuhn Knight420cuft

Knight 3042 Reel Mixer Wagon, slide tray discharge, had new reel liners & auger liners & new bottom auger in July 2020. Top auger is 50% or so, coming in!

Knight 3142 Reel Mixer
Call for PriceKnight 3142 Reel Mixer4116Kuhn Knight420cuft

new slide tray and magnets, will be rebuilt

Kuhn Knight RA142 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKuhn Knight RA142 Reel Mixer Wagon4126Kuhn Knight420cuft

Used Kuhn Knight RA142 Reel Mixer Wagon coming in!

$16,900Knight 3142 Reel Mixer Wagon4149Kuhn Knight420cuft

**Consigned Unit** Left hand 3-auger discharge w/ magnets, mixer augers are 30% or so, knives on TA, 4 reel bars, clean sweep, light kit, small 1000 non cv pto, Digi-Star EZ 2500V scale, 420 cu.ft., SN: A0296

**Consigned unit – no 60 day warranty**

$39,900Kuhn Knight RA142 Helix Reel Mixer Wagon4154Kuhn Knight420cuft

Very sharp used Knight RA142 mixer! Very low use! Helix reel style mixer, 5 reel bars, good clean sweep plastic, augers are very good, good knives on TA, LH slide tray discharge w/magnets, small 1000 non-cv pto, good 425/65R22.5 tires, Digi-Star EZ 2500V, RD 2500V remote, 420 cu.ft., SN: B0214.

Knight 3042 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKnight 3042 Reel Mixer Wagon4158Kuhn Knight420cuft

**Consigned wagon** Knight 3042 Reel Mixer! Images and info to come!

$13,900Farm Aid 440 Reel Mixer Wagon3187Farm Aid440cuft

New poly liners, left hand 4′ discharge w/ new chain, new clean-sweep, new paddle rubbers and springs, new hydraulic hoses, Weigh-Tronix Model 1040 scale, CV-540 PTO, SN: 7725

Roto-Mix 490-14 Reel Mixer Wagon
CallRoto-Mix 490-14 Reel Mixer Wagon4131Roto-Mix490cuft

Roto-Mix 490-14 Reel Mixer Wagon, staggard rotor, all paddles are good, good liners, slide tray discharge, bottom auger is 50%, top auger is 40%, Weightronix scale with remote, coming in!

$23,900Kuhn Knight 3050 Reel Mixer Wagon3893Kuhn Knight500cuft

Very sharp Rebuilt and Repainted Knight 3050! Nearly new LH slide tray w/magnets, augers are very healthy at 90% or so, new auger and reel liners, new clean sweep plastic, fresh paint and decals, nice 395/85R20 Michelin tires, Digi-Star EZ 2500V scale, RD 2000V remote,  small 1000 pto, 500 cu.ft.

Kuhn Knight RC150 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKuhn Knight RC150 Reel Mixer Wagon3894Kuhn Knight500cuft

Kuhn Knight RC150 Reel Mixer Wagon, new bottom auger,

$19,900Kuhn Knight 3150 Reel Mixer Wagon4090Kuhn Knight500cuft

**Consigned**Used Kuhn Knight 3150 Reel Mixer, left hand slide tray w/magnets, 5 reel bars, clean sweep, good augers, TA has knives, small 1000 pto, Digi-Star EZ 3400 scale, RD 2000V remote, 500 cu.ft., SN: A0064.

*Consigned unit 60-day warranty does not apply*

Knight 3575 Reel Mixer Wagon
CallKnight 3575 Reel Mixer Wagon4180Kuhn Knight500cuft

Knight 3575 Reel Mixer Wagon, slide tray discharge, both augers are 80% or so, good liners, Digi-Star scale, coming in!

$20,900Knight 3700 Reel Mixer Wagon3043Kuhn Knight600cuft

New stainless steel auger liner by door, new side wall liner by door, new knives, reel liner and auger flights were done last fall, BA is 85%, TA 65%, good 4 auger discharge with new back wall plates, small 1000 PTO


$13,500Knight 3700 Reel Mixer Truck Mount3203Kuhn Knight600cuft

Mixer truck mount, new stainless steel auger liner by door, left-hand discharge, good 5-bar style reel, dual augers, augers are 30% or so, rear light-kit, SN: 0074.  Great option if you have a truck and want to mount a TMR mixer to it.  Running gear not included.

$18,000Knight 3060 SDL Feedlot Series Reel Mixer3788Kuhn Knight600cuft

**Consigned** Left hand 4-auger discharge w/poly liners, tip-off w/ magnets, 5-reel bar mixer, twin augers, TA at 40%-50% or so, BA around 80% or so, single axle, tires are good, Digi-Star EZ 2000 scale, Digi-Star RD 2000V remote, small 1000 pto, rear light-kit, 600 cu.ft. capacity, SN: 0184.

**60-day warranty not included**

Knight 3060 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKnight 3060 Reel Mixer Wagon4114Kuhn Knight600cuft

has 3 foot 4 auger discharge, liners are in great shape, has a brand new bottom auger assembly and has new top auger flighting, very nice big wagon

Knight 3060 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKnight 3060 Reel Mixer Wagon4157Kuhn Knight600cuft

slide tray, single axle, gray and black in color, nice straight mixer

Knight 3160 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKnight 3160 Reel Mixer Wagon4161Kuhn Knight600cuft

full stainless liners, reel is good , bottom auger is 40 percent, and top auger is 40 percent

Roto-Mix 620-16 Staggard Rotor Mixer
Call for PriceRoto-Mix 620-16 Staggard Rotor Mixer4133Roto-Mix620cuft

staggard rotor, single axle, 445 tires, augers are 40 percent, average looking mixer

$29,9002012 Farm Aid 680 Reel Mixer Wagon3892Farm Aid680cuft

2012 Farm Aid 680 Reel Mixer Wagon, new front wall liner, newer poly liners, newer auger, newer reel facing, 4′ left hand discharge, Weightronix 640XL scale w/remote, small 1000 CV PTO, SN: 20110, nice looking mixer!

$31,900Farm Aid 680 Reel Mixer Wagon3901Farm Aid680cuft

2016 Farm Aid 680 Reel Mixer Wagon, 5′ right hand chain discharge, flotation tires, auger is good, full poly liners are good, new clean sweep, good paddles, Weightronix 640XL scale with remote, 540 pto, 680 cu.ft.

Kuhn Knight RC 270 Reel Mixer Wagon
Call for PriceKuhn Knight RC 270 Reel Mixer Wagon4125Kuhn Knight700cuft

Used Kuhn Knight RC 270 Reel Mixer coming in soon!!


Additional Information

Post Equipment Reel Feed Mixers

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used reel feed mixers from Kuhn Knight, Roto-Mix, Farm-Aid, SAC and all other reel mixer wagons along with feed truck mixers and truck mounted mixers.

What are Reel Feed Mixers?

Reel feed mixers are used to measure, mix and distribute feed to your livestock and it is imperative that you choose the right one. Reel mixers combine augers and reels in a hopper to lift feed and mix it in order to discharge the feed to provide nourishment for your herd. The auger acts as a knife to cut hay and add it to the rest of the feed. There are many options of mixers, but a reel feed mixer can help you maintain just the right ration for the most efficient weight gains of your livestock. Choosing the right option of reel mixer will depend on how much livestock needs to be fed and what ingredients are used in the feed.

Reel Feed Mixers from Post Equipment

At Post Equipment, we check the status of the augers and reels in our reel mixers and are upfront to our customers about their conditions. We even list all the details of our reel mixers, along with their prices, on our website. All reel mixers are available to look at in-person at our Rock Valley location as well.

Popular Reel Feed Mixer Brands & Models

Some of the most popular brands of Reel Feed Mixers include Kuhn Knight, Roto-Mix, Farm-Aid and SAC.

Kuhn Knight

Kuhn Knight North America has a wide range of reel feed mixers to choose from. Depending upon the needs of your farm operation, we can help you find the Kuhn Knight model that is right for you.

Popular Kuhn Knight Models

The following models are popular at Post Equipment: 3025, 3030, 3250 and 3300, though we will stock or purchase any Kuhn Knight reel feed mixer wagon.

You can check out more Kuhn Knight models on their website here.


We carry new and used Roto-Mix reel feed mixers in a variety of models to choose from. Let us help you pick out the one you need for your feed.

Popular Roto-Mix Models

Reel feed mixers from Roto-Mix include: 414-14B, 524-15B and 620-16.

You can check out more Roto-Mix models on their website here.


New and used SAC mixers are available in different models to best suit your farm operation.

Popular SAC models

Popular models currently include: 6046, 6129 and 6160.

Contact Post Equipment online or by phone 712-476-4500 to ask about any machines you see above.