Farm Equipment Parts

Welcome to Post Equipment PARTS DEPARTMENT! Our experienced sales staff knows how to sell, stock, and locate the best deals in farm equipment parts. Our 13,000 square foot warehouse stocks over $1 million of replacement parts for all TMR vertical and reel mixer wagons. Our prices are low and we ship everywhere, with next day delivery available on in-stock parts. Call 712.476.4500 for details.

Reel Mixer Wagon Parts

Reel mixer replacement parts including jacks, bearings, mixer knives, reel assemblies, liner kits, rollerchain, oil bath parts, scales and more.

Vertical Mixer Wagon Parts

Vertical mixer replacement parts including hitches, wheels, mixer knives, augers, liners, PTO, gearbox, conveyors, magnets, scales and more.

3 & 4 Auger Mixer Parts

Mixer wagon parts for 3 and 4 auger mixers such as Knight Botec, Oswalt, Henke, Harsh, Schwartz, Schuler, Lucknow, Cattlelac, Monomixer, and Patz wagons

Manure Spreader Parts

Manure spreader parts for slingers, vertical, and horizontal manure spreaders. Meyers, Knight, New Holland, Roda, JBS, Spread All, and all other manure spreader parts.

Bunk Feeder Wagon Parts

Bunk feeder wagon replacement parts including jacks, bearings, apron and lift chains, PTO, drivelines, gearboxes, gears, chains, discharge parts and more.

Scale Parts | Post Equipment - Farm Equipment and Farm Equipment Parts for Sale

Scale Parts

Digi-Star and Weigh-Tronix scale indicators, cab controls, remote displays, remote scale arms, brackets, and more! We can repair most any brand of mixer wagon scales as we are certified in repairing Digi-Star and Weigh-Tronix scales.

Cattle Care Products | Post Equipment - Farm Equipment and Farm Equipment Parts for Sale

Cattle Care Products

Johnson livestock waterers are built to withstand the most punishing environments – we stock many different sizes and parts. Our cattle shades provide lots of 20 degree cooler shade and are a lot cleaner than a sprinkler system.

Post Equipment | Toys and Misc Parts

Toys & Misc. Parts

Toy feeder wagons, toy bale processors, shooting targets, hitch pins, and more!