Vertical Feed Mixers

New and Used vertical feed mixers – Knight, Penta, Supreme, and all other vertical cattle feed mixer wagons, available from Post Equipment are displayed below.

Also see: Vertical Mixer Parts if you’d like to find parts for your vertical feed mixer.

Below you can see all the vertical feed mixers we currently have available for sale. Remember, we can deliver farm equipment anywhere. Please contact us online or phone 712-476-4500.

ArtsWay Supra-Mix 1500 Vertical Mixer Wagon$13,500ArtsWay Supra-Mix 1500 Vertical Mixer Wagon2554ArtsWay500cuft

Auger is 50% or so with rebuilt leading edge, liners are good, flat belt discharge (tip up section will come with but need some work), single axle with duals, Weightronix scale, 540 PTO SN: 1500000223

Jaylor 1500 vertical mixer wagon$18,900Jaylor 1500 vertical mixer wagon2529Jaylor500cuft.

Local trade, left hand flip up discharge, new conveyor chain, auger is 40%, knives are good, liners are good, some new seals in planetary, Weightronix scale SN: T-71058000-C

Jaylor 2425 vertical mixer$17,900Jaylor 2425 vertical mixer2637Jaylor500cuft.

Left hand flip up discharge with 2 new sprockets, auger is 50% or so, good knives, good liners, new planetary oil, 715 Weightronix scale, nice wagon! SN: T-72145255-G

CallKnight 5042 Vertical Mixer Wagon2908Kuhn Knight420cuft

Used, augers are poor – needs new, chain discharge, scale, has good liners?, looks average

Kuhn Knight18999
CallKnight 5042 Vertical Mixer Wagon2916Kuhn Knight420cuft

Augers are 50% or so with good knives, LH 3 auger discharge has been rebuilt, new mag tray, has newer liners in the vertical tub, single axle with 425 tires, new rubber extension, Digi-Star scale, 540 PTO, new paint!


Kuhn Knight
$18,900Kuhn Knight 5032 Vertical Mixer Wagon2970Kuhn Knight320cuft

Twin screw vertical mixer wagon, LH chain discharge with good chain and sprockets, has been relined so liners are good, augers are like new @ 90%, single axle, Digi-Star scale head, 540 PTO.

Kuhn Knight18900
Penta 1120 HD vertical mixer wagon$21,500Penta 1120 HD vertical mixer wagon2440Penta1120cuft.

Used, flat conveyor, needs some liner work, 2 speed gearbox

CallPenta 1720 Vertical Mixer Wagon2977Penta1700cuft

Triple screw vertical mixer wagon.

Penta 4020 vertical mixer wagon$24,900Penta 4020 vertical mixer wagon2672Penta420cuft.

One owner local trade, auger is 60% with new plow blade & knives, new floor liner, 9″ stainless steel liners along bottom of tub, super single tires, light kit, LH 3′ discharge, new paint SN:120820

CallPenta 4030 Vertical Mixer Wagon2948Penta400cuft

**NEW** Right hand 3′ flip up discharge, 3/4″ auger with knives, light kit, weighing conveyor, 540 CV PTO, Digi Star 2500 scale head, single axle.

CallPenta 4120 Vertical Mixer2947Penta420cuft

used 1 owner local trade, left hand discharge, light kit, cv pto, nice looking wagon

CallPenta 4930 Vertical Mixer Wagon2975PentaNA

*NEW* 4′ right hand flip up weighing discharge, 3/4″ auger, single axle, light kit, 540 PTO

Penta 5020 SD Vertical Mixer Wagon$25,900Penta 5020 SD Vertical Mixer Wagon2660Penta500cuft

Used, one owner, local trade, auger is 80% with new plow blade, RH 4′ flip up discharge with new chain & sprockets, new planetary oil, Digi-Star scale head and remote SN:011111

Penta 5020 SD vertical mixer wagon$28,900Penta 5020 SD vertical mixer wagon2695Penta500cuft.

2012 model, viewing platform, single axle with dual tires, right hand 4′ flip up discharge, 3/4″ auger that is 95%, good knives, liners are good, Digi-Star scale, Very nice 5020 SN: 10 12 26

Schuler 4510 Vertical Mixer Wagon$12,900Schuler 4510 Vertical Mixer Wagon2667Schuler450cuft

4′ left hand chain discharge, auger is 50% or so with good knives, good liners, 12″ rubber extension, new planetary oil, 2″ Weightronix scale, new planetary oil. SN: H1100187

Segue/Supreme 4S vertical mixer wagon$27,900Segue/Supreme 4S vertical mixer wagon2437Segue400cuft.

**NEW** Right hand 36″ flip up discharge, flotation tires, clevis hitch, Digistar scale, 540 CV-PTO, Nice small compact mixer! SN: 1SEG4S0056

Supreme 1200T Vertical mixer wagon$35,900Supreme 1200T Vertical mixer wagon2225Supreme1200cuft.

Used 4 years, rear commodity door, 2 side doors, tandem axle with duals, all new planetary oil, new auger caps, augers are good, knives are ok, Digistar scale with 2″ numbers, large 1000 SN: 1120093

Supreme 500 T vertical mixer wagonCallSupreme 500 T vertical mixer wagon2502Supreme500cuft.

**NEW** feedlot augers, single axle, rh flip up conveyor, light kit, cv pto small 1000 rpm, digi star scale

CallSupreme 500 Vertical Feeder Wagon2926Supreme500cuftSupreme
CallSupreme 500 Vertical Mixer Wagon2932Supreme500cuft

Tandem, 1″ DS, Angle Conveyor – needs some TLC, 70% auger, Switch wheels to (single or duals), Hay chain, SN: 950246

Supreme 500S Vertical Mixer Wagon$19,900Supreme 500S Vertical Mixer Wagon2716Supreme500cuft

**REBUILT** new auger is AR200 steel! New stainless steel liners! New Paint! New planetary oil, single ax with duals, RH discharge door with slide tray, (other discharge options available) Digi-Star scale. 540 PTO, SN: 950185

CallSupreme 500S Vertical Mixer Wagon2793Supreme500cuft

Will be rebuilt and repainted! DS scale, duals, SN: 050077, 540 PTO

Supreme 600T '07 Peterbilt truck mount mixer$90,000Supreme 600T '07 Peterbilt truck mount mixer2241Supreme600cuft

Very nice unit! 600T mixer with hardwelded feedlot augers, very good stainless steel liners, LH chain discharge, 07 Peterbilt truck, single axle, Cummins ISC 260 motor, Allison auto tranny.

CallSupreme 600T Vertical Mixer2958Supreme600cuft

**NEW** light kit, cv pto small 1000, cutting augers, RH extended dogleg discharge, 10″ rubber ext. 2500 scale head, 385 tires

Supreme 600T vertical mixer wagon$25,900Supreme 600T vertical mixer wagon2594Supreme600cuft.

Used, stainless steel liners, new stainless floor liner, screws are 60%, knives are ok, right hand dogleg discharge, rubber extension, airplane tires. SN:06T0187

$31,900Supreme 600T Vertical Mixer Wagon2785Supreme600cuft

Nice 600T! Stainless steel liners, RH dogleg discharge in good condition, augers are 50% or so with new SS leading edges, new knives, new plow blades and are hard welded, new planetary oil, new paint, sharp looking, dependable mixer!

Supreme 700 T mixer wagon$24,900Supreme 700 T mixer wagon2169Supreme700NA

5 years old one owner local trade, cutting augers, flat conveyor, Weightronix scale with big #’s, large 1000 PTO, SN: 17T047C

$62,900Supreme 700T vertical mixer wagon2548Supreme700cuft.

8 months old, With RECUTTER option, wagon is like new

CallSupreme 700T Vertical Mixer Wagon2956Supreme700cuft

Used, one owner, 2 years old, very nice looking wagon, has the recutter option so you can bed and feed! Cutting augers, 10″ rubber ext., cv pto

Supreme 800T vertical mixer wagon$61,500Supreme 800T vertical mixer wagon2250Supreme800NA

**NEW** feedlot augers, 10′ right hand extended dogleg conveyor, cv pto, digistar scale, tail lights, 10″ rubber ext. single axle 385 tires, 2 speed gear box SN:18T0036F

Supreme 900T vertical mixer$37,900Supreme 900T vertical mixer1337Supreme900NA

**REBUILT** new augers and knives, new liners,1000 rpm cv pto, 2 speed gear box, Digi-Star scale head, nice big rebuilt wagon SN:090410

Supreme 900T Vertical Mixer Wagon$36,500Supreme 900T Vertical Mixer Wagon2288Supreme900NA

Stainless steel liners, 70% augers, new planetary oil, sliding right hand dogleg discharge, new paint, Digi-Star scale, very nice vertical mixer! SN: 99001P

Supreme 900T Vertical Mixer WagonCallSupreme 900T Vertical Mixer Wagon2676Supreme900cuft

***NEW*** 10′ RH sliding dogleg discharge, light kit, feedlot augers, small 1000 cv pto, single axle with dual tires, Digi-Star 2810 scale, SN: 190467F

Supreme 900t Vertical Mixer Wagon$37,500Supreme 900t Vertical Mixer Wagon2696Supreme900cuft

08 model, Cutting augers are @ 60% and are hard welded, 5 new knives per auger, new auger caps, liners are good, flat dual discharge with good chain/sprockets, single axle with duals. SN: 090808