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“REAP” the Benefits!

This is a new, easy and simple to use product for those looking to track their fall grain harvest easily and accurately. The PULSE device combined with the already innovative POINT scale and REAP app, gives you the power to track your grain harvest from start to finish.

The PULSE is a simple Bluetooth device that is paired with your POINT scale and mounted magnetically to your grain cart. It’s very easy to install and detects vibration from the auger to automatically start recording weights as you start unloading the grain cart. All this combined with the REAP app., you now have weights, truck loads, field locations, and storage locations all at your fingertips.

Wondering what the POINT scale is? Read our blog about it by clicking here. If you have an other questions regarding the POINT, REAP, PULSE or you are ready to upgrade, give our scale department a call at 712-476-4500!