Bale Processors

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used bale processors from Fair, Haybuster, Teagle, Bale King, MDS, Roto-King and Vermeer.

To discuss a sale or purchase, please contact us online or phone 712-476-4500.

Haybuster 256-2 Bale Processor
$8,900Haybuster 256-2 Bale Processor2679HaybusterNA

Local trade, chain table style with new chain/drive shaft/bushings, discharge deflector is relined, 12 new flails/bushings – rest are good, some new bearings, runs great and in nice shape! SN: GI 3328

Haybuster 2650 Bale Shredder
$13,500Haybuster 2650 Bale Shredder2738HaybusterNA

This is a consigned item, does not include a 60 day warranty! Right hand discharge, hammers are pretty good, chain table with good chain and bushings, nice shape. SN: 26HJ504650

Dagelman 3100 Bale Shredder
$9,900Dagelman 3100 Bale Shredder2781Misc.NA

Local trade, right hand discharge with hyd. deflector, hammers are good, pan under drum is good, hyd. bale lift, manual slug bar adjustment, implement tires, front screen protector, small 1000 PTO

$16,900Teagle Tomahawk 1010 Bale Processor2827TeagleNA

Blower style processor, blower has been relined in the past, new blower paddles, some new knives, some new chains & sprockets, log chain style web chain with new drive shaft and sprockets, this unit is run with hydraulics, the electric control box is not used, small 1000 & 540 PTO, good condition. SN:3522

$13,900Bale King 5100 bale processor2865Bale KingNA

1 owner, local trade, 2013 model, new hammers and bolts, hydraulic roller style, right hand discharge with hydraulic deflector, hydraulic bale lift, manual slug bars, light kit, the hammer tub has been relined, small 1000 PTO, SN: BK5493

Bale King13900
$7,150MDS Roto King RK 500 Bale Processor2968MDSNA

**NEW** Holds 5 x 6 round bale, 4 bale tines to load up bale, bolt on skid loader mount, flat faced hyd. tips

$15,250Fair 7825 Bale Processor3002FairNA

New tub/hammer liner, New bearings on drive side of floor chain, hammers are 70%, in cab control box for hydraulics, hydro slug bar, hydro discharge door, hydro apron chain, hydro bale lift, small 1000 CV PTO, Nice shape.  SN: BP78259015

Haybuster 256 Bale Processor
CallHaybuster 256 Bale Processor3055HaybusterNA

This is a 2-point unit, has 2 swivel tires on the back, RH discharge, hammers are 50% or so.

CallFair 7830 Top Discharge Bale Processor3064FairNA

Fair 7830 Top Discharge, hydraulic slug bar, hydraulic bale lift, hydraulic discharge spout controls, in cab control box, small 1000 CV PTO, SN: BP7830TD418.  Very Nice Unit!

CallFair 7810 Bale Processor3075FairNA

**NEW** chain table, right hand discharge, hydraulic bale lift, manual slug bar, small 1000 PTO, SN: BP78101218

2015 Highline CFR650 Bale Processor
Call2015 Highline CFR650 Bale Processor3119High LineNA

2015 Highline CFR650 Top Gun bale processor, blower has been relined, will have new auger flighting, good rollers, hammers are 50% or so, light kit, nice processor!

High Line22599

Additional Information

Post Equipment Bale Processors

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used bale processors from Fair, Haybuster, Teagle, Bale King, MDS, Roto-King and Vermeer.

What are Bale Processors?

Bale processors can help reduce hay losses and maximize hay supplies by grinding hay bales to make it easier for cattle to consume. A second common use for bale processors is bedding cattle with corn stalks or straw. The bales of bedding material are loaded into the processor/shredder then ground and blown into the cattle yards onto a bedding pack for extra comfort when the cattle are lying down.
When deciding what kind of bale processor you’ll need, the needs of your operation must be considered. There are currently two different kinds of bale processors on the market today and both are very versatile. The main difference between the two is how the hay bale is handled and turned in the tub, either with adjustable hydraulic rollers or with a simple chain feeder bed design. The latter can cut down on twine buildup and plugged bale processors.

Bale Processors from Post Equipment

At Post Equipment, we check the condition of all the parts on bale processors to ensure their integrity. All details of our bale processors are available on our website, along with their prices. All bale processors are available to look at in-person at our Rock Valley location.

Popular Bale Processor Brands & Models

Some of the most popular brands of Bale Processors are Bale King, Haybuster and Vermeer.

Bale King

New and used Bale King bale processors can be found at Post Equipment. Take a look at our current inventory above.

Popular Bale King Models

The following models are popular at Post Equipment: 5100 and 3000.

You can check out more Bale King models on their website here.


We carry different models of new and used Haybuster bale processors. Let us help you pick out the one you need.

Popular Haybuster Models

Bale processors from Haybuster include: 256 and 2650.

You can check out more Haybuster models on their website here.


New and used Vermeer bale processors can be found at Post Equipment. Check out our current inventory and see which one fits your needs the best.

Popular Vermeer models

Popular models currently include: BP7000

You can check out more Vermeer models on their website here.

Other Brands

Other brands of bale processors we carry include: Fair, MDS, Roto-King and Teagle.

Contact Post Equipment online or by phone 712-476-4500 to ask about any machines you see above.