Truck Mount Spreaders

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used horizontal and vertical manure spreaders from JBS, Kuhn Knight, Spread-All, Meyers, Roda, Roorda and more manure spreaders mounted on different brands of trucks such as Kenworth, IH, Western Star, Peterbilt or more truck brands.

NOTE: “Cubic Foot Struck” is the most accurate way to measure capacity. Post Equipment calculates bushel capacity by the following equation.

(Cubic Foot Struck X 1.5 = Heaped Bushel Capacity)

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$48,5001170 Knight Manure Spreader on 03 Mack3733Kuhn Knight700bu

2009 model 1170 Kuhn Knight manure spreader mounted on a 2003 Mack truck! Tires are new as of 2019, 10,024 hours and 214,327 miles on the truck. Mack engine AC-460P model CX613, Eaton Fuller 13-speed transmission model RTLO-16913A. Comes w/silage kit, healthy vertical beaters w/good teeth, new webs as of Oct. 2019. All around quality unit!


Additional Information

Manure Spreaders Truck Mounts

Post Equipment in Rock Valley, Iowa, sells new and used horizontal and vertical manure spreaders mounted on different brands of semi trucks such as Kenworth, IH, Western Star, Peterbilt and more.

What are manure spreaders?

Manure spreaders are pulled behind tractors or mounted on trucks to spread manure to be used as a fertilizer for crops. Choosing the right manure spreader is imperative for simpler and more efficient manure removal and fertilization for your farm operations.

The horizontal beater spreader is the original and simplest way to distribute manure on the field. It is very low maintenance, especially the Spread-All with its chisel-tooth distributer design. Spread-All also has many simple features that make it a very reliable horizontal manure spreader. Horizontal box dry spreaders take minimum horsepower and spread an 8-12 pattern.

Vertical beater manure spreaders provide a far superior spread pattern over horizontal beaters. The spread pattern can be even up to 35-40 feet wide, which makes vertical beaters a first choice when using manure as fertilizer and an even spread is necessary. With the vertical Burma beater style and the excellent spread, there is also more wear on the beater paddles. Vertical beaters also take a bit more horse power than horizontal beaters because of the wide spread pattern.

Manure Spreaders from Post Equipment

At Post Equipment, we check the condition of our manure spreaders and are upfront to our customers. We even list all the details of our manure spreaders, along with their prices, here on our website. All manure spreaders are available to look at in-person at our Rock Valley location.

Popular Manure Spreader Brands & Models

Some of the most popular brands of Manure Spreaders include JBS, Meyers and Spread-All.


JBS makes vertical and horizontal manure spreaders and we carry both new and used JBS equipment at Post Equipment.

Popular JBS Models

The following models are popular at Post Equipment: 2248, 2448 and 3448.

You can check out more JBS models on their website here.


At any given time, we have a variety of Meyers vertical and horizontal manure spreaders to suit your farm operation needs.

Popular Meyers Models

Vertical mixers from Meyers include: VB750 and 900.

You can check out more Meyers models on their website here.


We carry a selection of Spread-All manure spreaders, both vertical and horizontal, as well as new and used models.

Popular Spread-All models

Popular models include: TR20T and TR22T.

Other Brands

Other brands we will regularly stock include: Hagedorn, Kuhn Knight, New Holland, New Idea, Roda and Roorda.

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