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Awarded #1 U.S. JBS Dealer & #1 U.S. Salesman

JBS #1 U.S. Dealer

“Post Equipment Owner Mike Post, along with three of his employees attended the JBS Dealer Days up in Mission, BS Canada last week. The week was spent learning about new equipment that will be beneficial to their customers back home.

It was during their time in Canada they were presented with an award for being the #1 dealership in the U.S. Koenen was surprised by the award and stated he likes selling the JBS spreaders as they are very well built and JBS does a good job representing their product. Post Equipment has been selling JBS spreaders since 2012. There was very few manure spreaders for sale or trade and now they have a nice selection of both new and used manure spreaders to choose from.

As a salesman, Dan Koenen is ready to sell the JBS equipment because off their long link floor chain, heavy suspension and under carriage. Koenen looks forward to represent and sell a product at a fair price. As a salesman he know that as he sells machinery in time it will need repairs due to a breakdown but the ultimate goal is to sell a product that is reliable and well built. One thing Koenen likes to do when he is dealing with a farmer is to always try to give the pros and cons of why they would be happy with it.

Post Equipment is anticipating more in the future with JBS as they are a company that keeps coming up with new items to sell and make in the silage business and the manure spreader business.

Post Equipment is located on the South edge of Rock Valley and carries a wide variety of farm equipment.”

-Printed in Volume 2019 Issue 15 of the Doon Press on April 11, 2019 by Bridget K. Vander Tuin, Editor

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