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10 Reasons Why You Need a Bale Processor

10 Reason Why You Need a Bale Processor


1. Saves material and time while bedding your cows as it lays out a nice blanket of straw or corn stalks. All your cows will get a chance to have a nice bed rather than just the dominant cattle taking over.

2. Cattle get no isolation from coats that are matted with manure and mud so they start to use feed to make heat rather than meat. When cattle are cold they shiver, their metabolism increases and their energy is released from their fat. With proper bedding, livestock lay down more, stress less, and their immune system becomes healthier. Best of all, they gain weight more efficiently!

3. More control for bedding in barns and shelters

4. Significantly reduce TMR mixing times by pre-processing your dry matter 


5. Saves you hay and time – it’s so easy to use, you can feed them often and not give the cattle a chance to waste – saves more than 20% of feed

6. Processing the bales removes any mold or dust in the outer layer and mixed with the other hay making that hay more palatable for your cattle

7. Less stress on cows – Windrow feeding gives every cow the same opportunity to feed rather than the dominant cows bossing the entire windrow. The less dominant cows will have less stress, healthier immune systems and overall health performance improves. Windrow feeding also makes it possible to ration feed.


8. Processors are used to save time and effort in erosion control applications. A one-man operation can cover many square yards quickly without physical labor.

9. Chop and spread for erosion control, add fiber to soils, or blow over lagoons for odor control.

10. Chop and spread to cover or cushion specialty crops

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