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Leading Edge And Kicker Plates In Your Mixer Wagon

what is the importance of the leading edge and kicker plates in your mixer wagon

What is the importance of the leading edge and kicker plates in my mixer wagon?

The leading edge and kicker plates are essential for moving feed up the auger of the mixer wagon. With a proper working auger, the feed should boil in the center and move out to the side walls and back down to the floor. In wagons with multiple augers this feed is also transferred back and forth between the augers. With a worn leading edge or kicker plate, the feed will mix poorly and take much longer to mix properly causing an increase in fuel costs.

It is important to check what condition the leading edge and kickers are in when inspecting your wagon. A good indication that your leading edge is worn is the presence of feed around the walls by the floor (see image 1 below). The leading edge should be put as close to the side wall as possible. Remember to spin the auger 360 degrees before welding your repaired piece in solid to ensure it clears everything, including the floor. The manufacture of your wagon may have slightly different measurements they go by, so be sure to check with your dealer if you decide to make this repair yourself.

Also with the kickers, be sure to check with your dealer before installing them. The kickers on your augers are critical for moving feed up the auger and for clean-out at the end of each load. As with the leading edge a worn kicker can cause a poor mix. It is essential that your kickers are never modified or replaced with something other than what the manufacture provides. The kickers are designed to work with the auger in your wagon. When modified it can affect mix quality and horsepower (image 2).

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