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Vertical Mixers vs Reel Mixers

Differences between reel mixers and vertical mixers

What are the differences between a horizontal reel mixer and a vertical mixer?

A common question I often get asked on the phone and in person is what are the differences between vertical mixers and horizontal mixers?

1. If you overfill a horizontal reel mixer it will not mix, it will just barrel roll. On some rations if you over-fill a reel mixer you will break a chain or bend the bottom auger.
If you overfill in a vertical mixer it will just spill out the top. It will have close to the same mixing effect as if it were not overfilled.

2. You cannot put long stem hay in a horizontal mixer. Some people ask if you can use a bale shredder to cut up the bale first, but usually the hay is still too long for a reel mixer.
You can put a full round bale of hay into a vertical mixer and it will grind it up. You need at least a 500 cubic foot vertical mixer to handle a 5×6 round bale or it will spit some out the top.

3. In a horizontal feed mixer you do not have to be as fussy what order to put the feed in for mixing.
In a vertical, you have to put the fluffy stuff in first and the heavy stuff and syrup in last.

4. A horizontal has more moving parts than a vertical.

5. A horizontal reel mixer takes less horsepower and unloads faster than a vertical.

6. A vertical mixer has a chain conveyor where a horizontal can have a slide tray.

7. A vertical feed mixer has one or two gearboxes depending on the augers and driveshafts. A horizontal feed mixer has lots of chains and moving parts.

8. The mix is a lot more consistent with a vertical mixer. This is shown by better and more consistent gains in cattle and milk production. The vertical mixer will have less bunk sorting than a reel mixer due to a much more consistent mix.

Stay tuned for the next sales blog by Dan. We will discuss the difference between a feedlot auger and a cutting auger in the Supreme vertical mixer line. Until then, browse the large inventory of Reel Mixers and Vertical Mixers at Post Equipment!