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Supreme Mixer Wagon Augers

Supreme Mixer Wagon Augers

Supreme mixer wagon augers can be one of two types – cutting augers or feedlot augers.

In the last sales blog we talked about the differences between vertical and reel mixers. This sales blog will describe the 2 types of Supreme mixer wagon augers – the cutting auger and the corn screw or feedlot auger.

The Cutting Auger

  • The cutting auger typically has 5 to 7 knives per screw on a twin screw wagon.
  • You do not want to put more than seven knives per auger. More than seven knives would cause a bridge that would hold up the hay instead of letting the hay rise and fall like it is supposed to do.
  • Best uses for a cutting auger: 1-The cutting auger is best used for processing large round or large square bales of hay.
    2-Most dairies that process hay will use the cutting auger. If they are grinding their hay, some dairies will use the feed lot auger because it takes less horsepower and mixes faster.


The Corn Screw or Feed Lot Auger

  • The two names of this auger confuse some people into thinking that supreme has three types of augers. However, Supreme has only two types of augers. Don’t let the interchangeable names of this auger confuse you!
  • The corn screw auger takes less horsepower and also mixes faster than the cutting auger.
  • This auger can be used to process hay, but it does not process hay as well as the cutting auger.
  • The feedlot auger has holes for knives but does not come from the factory with knives.
  • Best uses for the corn screw auger: 1-This is the auger of choice when using a high distillers or syrup ration. This auger does an awesome job of mixing the hard feedlot rations.
    2-All feedlots that have a Supreme mixer wagon are using the feedlot augers for the lower horsepower and the quicker mixing.

If you would like to demo a Supreme vertical mixer or would like to see one in action, call Dan at Post Equipment 712-476-4500. We have several Supreme mixers in stock – click here to see the Supreme mixers on our lot.