SAC 6046 Reel Mixer Wagon
SAC 6046 Reel Mixer WagonCall

SAC 6046 Reel Mixer Wagon, slide tray discharge, single axle, augers are 40% or so, will have some new liners, good reel bars and springs, Digi-Star scale head, coming in!

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SAC 4600 4-Auger Mixer Wagon
SAC 4600 4-Auger Mixer WagonCall for Price

SAC 4600 4-Auger Mixer Wagon, LH 3-auger discharge, DigiStar EZ4600 scale, 2×10 extensions, rear light kit, SS liners, single axle, some new auger flights. VERY nice 4-auger coming inπŸ‘

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2018 KW370 with SAC 6160 Turbo Max
2018 KW370 with SAC 6160 Turbo Max$130,000uncategorized
***NEW*** SAC Renn Roto-Mill RMC36
***NEW*** SAC Renn Roto-Mill RMC36Call for Price

***NEW*** SAC Renn Roto-Mill RMC36! Renn 36” Roller Mill w/ a 12″ x 10′ swivel head auger discharge, 12″ x 10′ transfer feed auger, hydraulic lift and swing, 1:1 drive, 540 pto, 16”x 36” rollers! Ready to go!

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SAC 3655 Vertical Mixer Wagon
SAC 3655 Vertical Mixer WagonCall for Price

SAC 3655 Vertical Mixer Wagon, 60″ RH flip-up, Point Scale, 540 PTO, Single axle. Coming in!

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Knight 3142 Reel Mixer Wagon
Knight 3142 Reel Mixer WagonCall for Price

Knight 3142 Reel Mixer Wagon, LH slide tray, bottom auger at 60%,Β  will have new top auger flights, DigiStar scale. Coming inπŸ‘

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SAC 3645 Vertical Mixer Wagon
SAC 3645 Vertical Mixer WagonCall

SAC 3645 Vertical Mixer Wagon, 3′ right hand flip up discharge, rubber extension, rear light kit, backstop with magnets, auger is 50% or so, single axle, Digi-Star scale, 540 PTO, coming in!

vertical-feed-mixers farm-equipment
SAC 6070 Turbo Max Reel Mixer Wagon
SAC 6070 Turbo Max Reel Mixer Wagon$34,900

Used SAC 6070 Turbo Max Reel Mixer Wagon! Recently repainted, single axel, stainless steel liners under auger, new mild steel liners under reel, both augers are 80-90%, good 4-auger discharge, rear light kit, small 1000 PTO, Digi-Star scale head with RH remote, small 1000 PTO! Ready to go!

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***Consigned*** RotoMill RMC 24 Roller Mill
***Consigned*** RotoMill RMC 24 Roller Mill$29,000

***Consigned*** Roto-Mill RMC 24 Roller Mill! Nice! 540 PTO, 6” x 10 ft. hydraulic drive intake auger, 10” x 12 ft. discharge auger with manual angle adjustment and spout, adjustable intake grate with magnets! Two years old, nice roller mill!

***As with all consigned items the 60 day warranty does not apply***

SAC 4400 4 Auger Mixer
SAC 4400 4 Auger Mixer$23,900

Used SAC 4400 4 Auger Mixer! Full stainless liners, good 3 auger discharge, single axle, augers are 40-50% or so! Digi-Star scale head, small 1000 CV PTO! Ready to go!

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SAC Turbo Max 6170 On a International 7400 Truck$64,500

Local owner consignment! SAC Turbo Max 6170 mounted on a 2005 IH 7400 truck! Detroit 466 motor, Allison automatic transmission, tandem duals! VIN:1H2WGAATX5J179138. The SAC mixer has, stainless steel reel liners, stainless steel auger liners, with a slide tray discharge! Augers are 50-60 percent! Ready to work!

***As with all consigned items the 60 day warranty does not apply***

SAC 3585 Truck Mount Vertical Mixer on a IH truck$46,000

SAC 3585 Truck Mount Vertical Mixer on a 2004 7600 IH truck , truck has a Cummins engine, Allison auto transmission, tandem axle, 20,440 hrs. 26,939 miles, front engine pto, mixer is a 2012, has stainless steel liners, augers are 80% with good knives, dogleg discharge, rear commodity door, SN:018225.