2456Roto Mix 274-12B Reel Mixer WagonRoto Mix 274-12B Reel Mixer Wagon$13,900

3′ left hand chain discharge, all flighting is 80-90%, new auger liner, reel liner is good, Digistar scale, 540 PTO, sharp wagon! SN: 891273784

2420roto mix 720 reel mixer wagonCall

truck mount, staggared rotor, stainless

2715Roto Mix 720-16 reel mixer wagon$60,000

full stainless liners, heavy augers, very little use, consigned wagon, customer bought a vertical because he was feeding a lot of roughage, tandem axle, very sharp wagon

1532Roto-Mix 274-12 reel mixerRoto-Mix 274-12 reel mixer$13,900

New bottom auger flighting, new knives on top auger, new reel springs, slide tray discharge, Digistar scale SN: 890294307

2643Roto-Mix 350-10 Reel Mixer WagonRoto-Mix 350-10 Reel Mixer Wagon, Call

COMING SOON ON AUCTION TIME. Slide tray discharge, bottom auger is thin, top auger is ok, liners are ok, Digi-Star scale w/ big #’s, 540 PTO, this mixer runs/works well, can use it as is or fix up if desired. AS IS!

Farm Equipment, Reel Feed Mixers4999
2539Roto-Mix 354-12 Staggard Rotor Mixer WagonRoto-Mix 354-12 Staggard Rotor Mixer Wagon$20,500

Staggard rotor, slide tray discharge, new front and rear reel end liners, new side wall liners, new paddle rubber bolts, Digistar scale, nice looking wagon SN: 800587683

2677Roto-mix 354-12B Reel Mixer WagonRoto-mix 354-12B Reel Mixer Wagon$14,900

3 bar reel, slide tray discharge, new BA flighting, TA is 60-70%, new reel liners, auger liner is good, Digi Star scale, 540 PTO, sharp mixer! SN:800315183

1856Roto-Mix 414-14 staggered rotor mixer wagonRoto-Mix 414-14 staggered rotor mixer wagon$24,900

Staggard rotor, left hand chain discharge, Digistar scale head, 540 PTO, new bottom auger flighting, sharp wagon

1944Roto-Mix 414-14 staggered rotor mixer wagonRoto-Mix 414-14 staggered rotor mixer wagonCall

**NEW** staggered rotor, 4-auger discharge, Digistar scale, light kit, white in color, 1000 rpm

2934Roto-Mix 414-14BCall

**NEW** staggered rotor, digistar scale head, slide tray

Reel Feed Mixers, Farm Equipment
2016Roto-Mix 414-14B reel mixer wagonRoto-Mix 414-14B reel mixer wagonCall

**NEW** staggered rotor, slide tray, scale, light kit, white in color

2574Roto-Mix 414-14B Reel Mixer WagonRoto-Mix 414-14B Reel Mixer Wagon$17,500

3 bar reel, Digi-Star scale, slide tray discharge, augers and liners are in good shape, very nice looking rotomix wagon. SN: 801015397 Selling AS IS

2933Roto-Mix 414-14B reel wagon$44,000

**NEW** staggered rotor, 4 auger discharge, digistar scale head

1904Roto-Mix 414-14B staggered rotor mixer wagonRoto-Mix 414-14B staggered rotor mixer wagon$31,900

Staggered rotor, 2012 model, one owner, local trade, liners are good, Digistar scale with big numbers, slide tray discharge, 540 PTO SN: 810228966

2980Roto-Mix 414-14B TMR MixerCall

Digistar 3200V scale, Hay kit – take off, 540 PTo, has discharge, paddle mixer, 2007, AP tires, double top flight – cut off or ??, SN: 800377174

Reel Feed Mixers, Farm Equipment
2370Roto-Mix 420-12 reel mixer wagonRoto-Mix 420-12 reel mixer wagon$12,900

Slide tray discharge with magnets, liners are like new, new flight by door on BA, rest of the flighting is 40% or so, Digistar scale head, SN: 380660352

2913Roto-Mix 490 truck mount mixer$33,500

reel mixer with new style reel, the box is full stainless, the bottom auger will be new, the truck is a 4700 IH, single axle, just had head work all done, 466 IH motor, auto matic transmission, nice truck and box

Reel Feed Mixers, Farm Equipment33500
2912Roto-Mix 524 Truck Mount$80,000

2010 524 truck mount mixer, mounted on a 2010 kenworth t 300 truck , red dot, staggerd rotor, single axle, nice looking unit

2339Roto-Mix 524-15 mixer wagonRoto-Mix 524-15 mixer wagon$13,500

Stationary mixer with 3 phase 40 HP electric motor, Digistar scale system, stainless liners are excellent, stainless augers are excellent, nice big stationary mixer.

2500Roto-Mix 524-15B on 00 Kenworth T300 truckRoto-Mix 524-15B on 00 Kenworth T300 truck$63,900

Truck mount mixer, 524 box with a 5 bar rotor, all new auger flighting, all stainless steel liners, CAT 3126 motor, 40,350 miles, rebuilt Allison auto tranny, single axle, new front bumper, nice unit!

2794Roto-Mix 524-15B Reel Mixer WagonRoto-Mix 524-15B Reel Mixer Wagon$19,900

Staggard rotor mixer, bottom auger is 40-50%, top auger is 60%, some new paddle wiper plastic, new auger liners, reel liners are good, couple new bearings, new tires, Weightronix scale head, very straight, solid, nice looking mixer wagon. SN: 801067002 Small 1000 PTO

Reel Feed Mixers, Farm Equipment19900
2478Roto-mix 524-15B Staggered rotor mixer wagonRoto-mix 524-15B Staggered rotor mixer wagon$29,900

Staggered rotor, slide tray discharge, light kit, fenders, flighting is 50% or so with some new by door on BA, liners are good, Digistar scale, 540 PTO, nice wagon!! SN: 810208285

2983Roto-Mix 524-15B Truck Mount Mixer, $67,000

2008 box mounted on a 2004 Kenworth truck,

bottom auger is 70% or so top auger is 50% stainless auger liner, new bearings in gear box

truck has allison automatic transmission,T 300 cummins motor with 300 HP, new radiator, air conditioning,

Farm Equipment, Reel Feed Mixers67000
1677Roto-Mix 540-14 staggered rotor mixer wagonRoto-Mix 540-14 staggered rotor mixer wagon$32,900

Local trade, staggered rotor, augers and liners are good, Weightronix scale and remote, slide tray, discharge. New paint! Small 1000 pto

2634Roto-Mix 620-16 reel mixer wagon$44,900

one owner local trade, 2014 model,staggard rotor, slide tray, scale and remote, very nice wagon, customer bought a bigger wagon to cut out a load

2733Roto-Mix 620-16 reel mixer wagonRoto-Mix 620-16 reel mixer wagon$44,500

2014 model, staggered rotor, slide tray discharge, augers are 75% or so, good liners, Digi-Star scale head with scoreboard remote, very nice low used wagon! SN: 410549834

2493Roto-Mix 620-16 Staggard Rotor Mixer WagonRoto-Mix 620-16 Staggard Rotor Mixer Wagon, $45,000

Staggard rotor mixer wagon, single axle with duals, slide tray discharge, liners are good, augers are 60-70%, paddle rubbers are good, new paint, Digi-Star scale head and remote, Excellent condition!

Farm Equipment, Reel Feed Mixers45000
1945Roto-Mix 620-16 staggered rotor mixer wagonRoto-Mix 620-16 staggered rotor mixer wagonCall

**NEW** staggered rotor, slide tray, scale, lights, wihite,1000 rpm, hay deflector

2499Roto-Mix 620-16 with 04 Kenworth feed truckRoto-Mix 620-16 with 04 Kenworth feed truck, $78,900

Very nice unit! Mixer is a staggard rotor, box/truck frame are repainted, reel liner is good @ 3/16″, new SS auger liner, new flighting on BA, TA is 70%, some new bearings/chains.

Farm Equipment, Reel Feed Mixers78900
1984Roto-Mix 620-16 XD staggered rotor mixer wagonRoto-Mix 620-16 XD staggered rotor mixer wagon, Call

***NEW*** staggared rotor, slide tray, light kit, ladder, digi star scale, hd drive

Farm Equipment, Reel Feed Mixers61999
2501Roto-Mix 720 Truck Mount Staggard Rotor Mixer WagonRoto-Mix 720 Truck Mount Staggard Rotor Mixer Wagon$29,900

Staggard rotor ruck mount mixer, SS liners, some new paddle rubbers, rest are good, new slide tray discharge, augers are 75-80%, very good condition! Mixer Box Only! SN: 400698164

2318Roto-Mix 720 truck mount staggered rotor mixerRoto-Mix 720 truck mount staggered rotor mixerCall

2007 IH truck, IH-DT 570 with 285 HP 15,000 hours, 5 speed Allison auto trans, tandem axle, spring ride suspension, staggared rotor mixer, augers are in good shape, new stainless steel auger liners

2922Roto-Mix 720-16 reel mixerCall

2009 Kenworth truck with tandem axle with 9500 hours with a roto mix 720 box on it, the box has beenĀ  rebuilt and has all stainless steel in it , the augers are in nice shape, it has a staggared rotor

Reel Feed Mixers, Farm Equipment
2004Roto-Mix VXT 505 vertical mixer wagonRoto-Mix VXT 505 vertical mixer wagon$18,900

Nice looking, LH flip up chain conveyor,540 rpm, new kicker plates, some new knives,2″ scale digistar,