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Why Roller Mills?

Why Roller Mills

Have you been thinking about buying your own roller mill? Not sure if it has any benefits? Here is some information for you to think about.

  1. As many of you know, putting a pile of cracked corn (or in a silo) at home can save you money in several ways:
  2. You aren’t paying grain storage in town
  3. You aren’t paying drying costs in town
  4. No need to ever wait on a delivery truck
  5. You can crack your corn how and when you want
  6. Want it wetter? Add some water while you are cracking

Here is some more information on the Henke roller mills that we offer here at Post Equipment.

  1. They are easy to adjust, operate and maintain.
  2. Capacities of the different models are from 700 bushel/hour to 4,000 bushel/hour
  3. Each roller mill comes with magnets on the inlet hopper for added protection from foreign objects
  4. All mills are available in trailer model or stationary model
  5. There are a variety of sizes of rolls, from eighteen inches to fifty-four inches in length
  6. Discharge options are elevator style, belt style or blower style
  7. The standard one-to-one ratio drive produces the finished product with minimal fines
  8. Henke also offers the KwikKrusher mill, which can process ear corn

To view our in stock roll mills click here or give us a call here at Post Equipment (712-476-4500), if you have any questions about the Henke roller mills!