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Replacing Auger Flighting on Reel, Auger, & Vertical Mixers

Replacing auger flighting on reel and auger mixers:

  • The auger tube should be at least ¼ thick on the smaller wagons with 3/8 flights.
  • On the bigger wagons 5/16 or 3/8 thick tube with ½ flight.
  • If using 5/8 or ¾ flight use a new tube 7/16 or ½ thick.
  • Otherwise you have an auger that is cracked in half with new flighting on it. It does happen!!
  • The money you save cutting the old flight off can be then put towards the new tube.

Auger flighting on vertical mixers:

  • Vertical mixers usually need the complete augers because of how they are welded on.
  • It is possible to reflight if it is bent or something as a partial auger.
  • In time we will address verticals – we are looking at some options to redo those augers.

Call Post Equipment at (712) 476-4500 with any questions about replacement auger flighting.