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PTO problem with 700 cuft. mixer

We had an issue the other day where the farmer was burning his pto’ out on his International tractor while demoing a 700 cuft. vertical mixer.

We could not figure it out at first, because we had similar mixer/tractor combinations going with no problems. We checked the mixer for something binding in the auger or a faulty gearbox, but everything turned by hand easily.

We did chores with him and figured out that he was starting the pto with the tractor running too slow. This may be how we are taught to start things, but with the mixers it is a little different. The tractor should be running at about 1500 rpm for better torque and then put the pto in gear—not slow, not bang fast, just steady fast. This is better for the clutch pack, does not burn slowly, and more smoothly snaps into gear. Then speed the tractor to 1800 or so rpm for the best mixing action and torque. This has been working great for him! Hope this makes sense and helps someone with a similar pto problem or question.