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Manure Spreaders at Post Equipment

spread-all manure spreader

We recently discovered the heavy-duty Spread-All manure spreaders, made 100% in the USA in Cuming County, Nebraska. Customers came to us asking for the strongest, toughest manure spreader on the market. These spreaders are so reliable there is a waiting list for a used Spread-All; no one wants to sell it once they get one. West Point Design is the company that manufactures these industrial spreaders. The manufacturer has noted that the first Spread-All ever built has over 120,000 documentable loads and is still being run today. Watch the Spread-All video below and call Mike or Dan at Post Equipment for more information on Spread-All manure spreaders.  Office 712-476-4500 or Dan 712-470-2866. Here is a link to the manure spreaders on our lot today Manure Spreaders. More Spread-All’s coming to Post Equipment soon!