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How to prevent mixer wagon breakdowns in cold weather

Here are some preventative tips to avoid TMR mixer wagon breakdowns in the cold winters.

  1. The axles seem to get more crystallized or brittle in the cold winters.  Drive slower over frozen, rough ground to minimize stress on the axles.
  2. Store the mixer wagon in a shed if possible.
  3. Keep knives in good condition on the augers by rotating or replacing them as needed.  This helps break up frozen silage chunks instead of getting them wedged in the augers and causing problems.
  4. The oil gets stiff in subzero weather.  Let the mixer run 5 to 10 minutes before loading it to warm the oil for better lubrication when the temperature is below zero.
  5. On reel mixers, check the reel bar hold-down bolts for wear.  The bolts can pop out or break if the bars or the bolts are worn.  Frozen silage chunks increase the stress on the bolts.

In the event of a break-down, Post Equipment has a top-notch mixer wagon repair shop in Rock Valley, Iowa, and a well-stocked parts department both ready to offer assistance.  Contact us at 712-476-4500.