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How To Install Reel Liners Video


How to install reel liners in a feed mixer wagon.

Watch the Post Equipment Shop Repair Department’s video for step by step directions on how to install reel liners in your feed mixer wagon. The Shop Department will take you through the process with pictures and video.

The first steps…

  • Start by removing the bucket guards
  • Clean out the tub
  • Grind the end liners
  • Place liner on top of reel
  • Spin reel to put the first liner in place
  • Put the second liner in
  • Jack the liner tight with a handyman
  • Tack in the liner on the ends
  • Jack the middle tight
  • Make sure the liner is flush with the angle between the auger liner and reel liner
  • Stitch weld 4′ stitch every foot or so on both ends after all liners are tacked in
  • Watch the “Installing Reel Liners in a Feed Mixer Wagon” video above for complete step-by-step instructions</li


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