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Feed Wagons Winter Weather Prep

Post Equipment feed mixer maintenance in winter

Feed Wagons Winter Weather Wise Preparation Test – Are You Ready?

Be prepared and winterize your farm equipment, particularly feed wagons and truck mount mixers. Livestock operators can get frustrated should equipment fail due to cold, ice and snow. Livestock rely on you to get fed in a timely manner. It is a big responsibility!

mixer wagons in cold weather

EQUIPMENT INSPECTION & ADJUSTMENTS IS IMPORTANT! Always read equipment manual BEFORE OPERATING the mixer, particularly the first time. Should you not know or have a manual, please call Post Equipment Corp service department supervisor, or equipment sales manager.

mixer wagons in cold weather

  • PTO: Grease In freezing weather. The PTO shaft requires extra grease to prevent freezing.
  • TIRES must be inflated to proper maximum pressure.
  • TRAILER HITCH: Inspect trailer hitch for proper location, alignment and tightness of attaching bolts. If the upper clevis bar becomes excessively worn the hitch assembly should be unbolted and turned over so the unworn hitch bar is on top, or replace as necessary. Frequently check the clevis attaching bolts for tightness, and that the clevis is secure. Worn or damaged bolts must be replaced.
  • We recommend wheel bolts must be kept properly torqued. Damage to rim may occur if wheel bolts are not checked frequently. Kuhn Knights for example:
    8-bolt rim: 170 ft lbs-Grade 8 Lug
    10-bolt rim: 300 ft lbs-Grade 8 Lug
  • Rain can accumulate in mixer if stored outside, always remove drain plugs on hopper ends to allow unit to drain completely and replace drain plugs before next use.
  • Snow can accumulate in a mixer if stored outside, always remove drain plugs on hopper ends to allow unit to drain completely and check hopper for snow or ice buildup before operating the unit. Thaw and remove any obstructions and replace drain plugs before using.

Read more winter weather tips for feed mixer wagons here. The Post Equipment Corp. store is well stocked with parts, a full repair shop, and an on-farm service truck to serve your needs. Post Equipment is a 24-7 service company, with various shipping options for fast service. Phone 712-476-4500 to keep your blood pressure down and your livestock content.