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Feed Wagon Maintenance

feed wagon repair at Post Equipment

“Not now – I’m too busy for a feed wagon breakdown!”

Sound familiar? This is the time of the year that everyone is very busy with harvest and other farm responsibilities. We all know that farm equipment maintenance is important, but it can get neglected particularly this time of the year. As in changing the oil of your vehicle, feed wagons and manure spreaders need regular maintenance, even during the busy times of the year. Here is a list of parts on your feed wagon and manure spreader that are most likely to fail and need regular maintenance. Give them a 5 minute visual inspection to prevent break-downs.

  • Bearings – make sure bearings are tight and greased.
  • Bearing inserts
  • Belts & Roller Chains – check for cracks, proper tension, and overall wear.
  • Oil – check for leaks and make sure oil┬áreservoirs are filled to the proper level.
  • Lights
  • PTO’s
  • Knives
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Scales

Be aware of these parts in particular when it comes to keeping your feed wagon and manure spreader in good working order and to avoid down time. Looking ahead to the winter weather, be sure to read this post on preventing mixer wagon breakdowns in the cold weather, and we have more mixer wagon maintenance tips in this post. Phone Post Equipment Corp. if you have a repair need. Our store is well-stocked with parts on hand, a full repair shop, and an on-farm service truck to serve your needs. Post Equipment is a 24/7 service company with many shipping options, including overnight shipping. Call 712-476-4500 to keep you moving forward and your livestock content.

Happy harvest!