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End of Quarter Maintenance Mixer Wagon Checklist

A Mixer in Good Condition = Cows in Good Production

  1. Climb up the ladder of your feeder wagon and watch one load mix
  2. Are the auger flights bending over/down?
  3. Look at and analyze the plow blade/kicker on the bottom of the auger – is it…
    • Good?
    • Worn?
    • Completely Worn?
    • If the kicker is more than 30% worn, you will notice the mixer not mixing well.
  4. Look at the leading edge and corner of the auger…
    • Rounded?
    • Bent?
    • Gone?
  5. Are the sidewalls getting thin?
  6. Is the discharge chain tight/worn?
    • Bearings loose?
    • Sprockets worn?
    • Discharge floor thin?
  7. When were the wheel bearings last checked?
  8. Check the drive shaft bearings & knuckles
  9. Are the PTO crosses taking grease well?
  10. Is the oil in the reservoirs at a good level?
    • When was the mixer serviced last? (1 year or 2,000 hours is recommended!)
  11. Are there any excessive oil leaks?
  12. Are the magnets clean and in good repair?
  13. Is the scale drifting or on target?


So you do not have any time to check your mixer over? We can take care of it for you! Call us at 712-476-4500 to schedule your mixer’s check up!