New Holland

2682New Holland 190 Manure SpreaderNew Holland 190 Manure Spreader, $8,900

Horizontal beaters, all new beater teeth, 10.00 20 truck tires, slop gate, brand new single floor chain!, plastic floor, mechanical drive web, most shields are new, very nice condition.

Farm Equipment, Manure Spreaders8900
2550New Holland 195 Horizontal Beater Manure SpreaderNew Holland 195 Horizontal Beater Manure Spreader$16,900

2013 model, 2 beaters, hyd. drive double web chains in good shape, poly floor, slop gate, tandem axle with flotation tires, excellent condition!! SN: YCN135681

1871New Holland 195 manure spreaderNew Holland 195 manure spreader$15,900

dual beaters, hyd drive, one owner local trade, dual pintel floor chain,small 1000 rpm

2129New Holland 195 Manure SpreaderNew Holland 195 Manure Spreader$16,900

2011, Double horizontal beaters, double web, slop gate, tandem axle, small 1000 PTO

2246New Holland 195 manure spreaderNew Holland 195 manure spreader$9,900

Double beater, single floor chain, 10.000 tires/tandem axle, no slop gate, floor and side walls are good

2563New Holland 195 manure spreader$17,400

one owner local trade, tandem axle, 385 tires, hydraulic drive, dual web, dual beaters, super sharp spreader very low use and very well cared for

2684New Holland 195 manure spreader$12,500

tandem axle, 385 tires, dual web webs are newer, top and bottom beater, will have new beater teeth, hydraulic drive web, slop gate, nice looking 195

2693New Holland 195 manure spreaderNew Holland 195 manure spreader$16,900

One owner local trade, tandem axle, poly floor, good web chains, hydraulic drive, dual beater, good beater teeth, very nice spreader SN: Y8N013003

2969New Holland 195 Manure SpreaderCall

Nice spreader, tandem axle with 385 tires, good dual web chains, mechanical drive web, good poly floor, single beater system, slop gate, SN:834586

Manure Spreaders, Farm Equipment10999
2301New Holland 195 spreaderNew Holland 195 spreader$11,900

Floatation tires, dual beaters, beater teeth are pretty good, single web chain,mechanical drive, nice spreader

2920New Holland 2090 Manure SpreaderNew Holland 2090 Manure Spreader$22,900

Tandem axle, dual webs with t-bar chain, hyd. drive web with electric flow control, double beater system with good beater teeth, good poly floor and side walls, slop gate, light kit, very nice looking big spreader. Small 1000 CV PTO, SN:YAWHS0009


Manure Spreaders, Farm Equipment22900