2484Jay Lor 1500 Vertical Feed Mixer WagonJay Lor 1500 Vertical Feed Mixer Wagon$19,900

**REBUILT** New liners, new AR200 auger with new knives, new paint, LH flip up discharge, new planetary oil, all new tires, in like new condition!! SN: T-61151040-F

2529Jaylor 1500 vertical mixer wagonJaylor 1500 vertical mixer wagon, $18,900

Local trade, left hand flip up discharge, new conveyor chain, auger is 40%, knives are good, liners are good, some new seals in planetary, Weightronix scale SN: T-71058000-C

Farm Equipment, Vertical Feed Mixers18900
2637Jaylor 2425 vertical mixerJaylor 2425 vertical mixer, $17,900

Left hand flip up discharge with 2 new sprockets, auger is 50% or so, good knives, good liners, new planetary oil, 715 Weightronix scale, nice wagon! SN: T-72145255-G

Farm Equipment, Vertical Feed Mixers17900
2231Jaylor 2425 vertical mixer wagonJaylor 2425 vertical mixer wagonCall

New auger and paint! Some new knives-rest are like new, RH flip up discharge, liners are good, Weightronix 615 scale head, 540 PTO

2166Jaylor 3650 vertical mixer wagonJaylor 3650 vertical mixer wagon$26,500

**REBUILT** New augers/knives, liners are 3/16″ thick-has been relined, 4′ LH flip up chain conveyor, new planetary oil, new rubber extension, new paint, Weightronix scale, 540 PTO. Sharp mixer!

1729Jaylor 3750 vertical mixer wagonJaylor 3750 vertical mixer wagon$19,900

Flat discharge,2″scale, 2 speed gearbox, small 1000 rpm,good knives augers are 60-70%

2064Jaylor 4650 vertical mixer feeder wagonJaylor 4650 vertical mixer feeder wagon$18,000

All new knives, augers are 60% or so, right hand flip up discharge, Weightronix scale with big #’s, 540 PTO SN: T-145625702-I

2302Jaylor 500 vertical mixer wagonJaylor 500 vertical mixer wagon$9,800

Single auger 40% or so, right hand incline conveyor, also has door on right hand side, has been relined, Weightronix scale