Herd Boss

Herd Boss
***NEW*** Big Herd Boss 4815 Feeder, Call for Price

***NEW*** Big Herd Boss 4815 Feeder, designed for feeding any type of wet/dry feed! 48″ discharge conveyer, able to load feed box with 8′ bucket, feeder is powered by 12 volt electric/hydraulic motor, 78 cubic ft. capacity 12″ side extension available bringing it to 124 cubic ft. capacity! 17″ discharge chute, able to feed WDG, ear corn, silage, cracked/whole corn, cotton seed, gin trash, brewers grain, cubes etc!

-Feeder dimensions: 102″ long (top of box), 37″ tall  (without extensions) 48″ x 48″ wide at the base.

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2710 Herd Boss Feeder for Flatbed Pickups, Call for Price

***NEW*** Herd Boss 2710 Feeder, smaller model designed for flatbed pickups, powerful 12 volt electric/hydraulic power unit, powerful hydraulic drive motor, hard-wired remote control with heavy duty wiring, 27″ wide, 88″ long, 37″ tall, 17″ discharge spout, 41 cu.ft. capacity.  Compatible Commodities: MDG, wet cake distillers, ear corn, wet corn, silage, ground hay, cotton seed, gin trash, any mixture of feed.  The 2710 model allows room to pull a gooseneck trailer!

misc-feed-mixers cattle-care-products farm-equipment parts