Mixer Wagon Seasonal Checkup

Mixer Wagon Seasonal Checkup

With new calves coming in and feeding high hay rations, be sure to check for worn out knives and thin auger flighting on your feeder wagon.

Those with vertical mixers should be aware that the plow blade/kicker on the bottom outside auger should be 1/4″ from the wall and the correct height for optimum mixing. The correct factory heights differ from brand to brand. Don’t know your correct height for mixing? Call 712.476.4500 for specs of your mixer wagon! Text a picture of your plowblade/kicker with the mixer model number to 712.470.1065 *This is very important for mix quality and cattle health.

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worn vs. new
Extremely worn out plow blade and leading edge on a vertical feeder wagon (**DO NOT let yours get even close to this bad!!)

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Mixer Wagon Knives Sale



Mixer wagon knives sale going on now through September 30, 2017!

Replacement Knives to fit Penta

(also fits Jaylor, Art’s Way, Diamond, Haybuster, Kirby, Maximixer & Valmetal)

Triangle Knife – Regular Price: $75.00      Sale Price: $70.00

Curved Knife – Regular Price: $79.00      Sale Price: $70.00


Supreme OEM Triangle Knife 

Regular Price: $84.00      Sale Price: $72.00


Universal Mixer Knife  – “It’s like getting two knives for the price of one!”

Regular Price: $84.00      Sale Price: $68.00 (until supplies lasts)


FREE BOLTS on all vertical mixer knives!

FREE SHIPPING on all mixer knife orders over $750.00 (lower 48 states only)!


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Auger Liner Replacement on Mixer Wagons

Stainless steel auger liner

The auger liner on my mixer wagon is about worn out. What liner do I put in it? How much will it cost? How long will it last?

On a New 3042 Knight mixer wagon the new steel is 5/16” thick. A regular replacement liner is 3/16” thick. If the regular liner lasts 5 years, the replacement liner will last 3 years. If you replace the auger liner with stainless it should last approximately 7 years. The cost is double, so we say the cost is double on stainless, but it lasts twice as long. Keep in mind that you only have to pay the labor once if you go with stainless. If you go with the 3/16″ replacement liners you have to pay the labor to install it twice AND you have to cut it out once as well.

I used the Knight 3042 as an example because, as a rule of thumb, on a 1000 head feedlot a 3042 Knight will last pretty close to 5 years. This makes for easy figuring with these numbers. This method generally works for all types of mixer wagons. It does depend on how used the wagon is and how long you are planning to keep it if stainless liners are the right route for you to go. Stainless is a good option if you are going to keep your wagon for a while and if you are using it for a lot of loads per day.

The next time you need mixer wagon liners ask about the options and see if stainless fits you and your operation!

Call Post Equipment anytime at 712-476-4500 for more help with mixer wagon auger liners. We are a full service shop with equipment, parts, shop, and lots of know-how. See our stock of farm equipment and parts on our website at www.postequip.com.

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cow magnets at Post Equipment

Livestock Magnets

Livestock magnets

Cow magnets are an important part of good feed management for cattle.

livestock magnet

The use of agricultural magnets is very important to the health and well-being of your livestock. Livestock magnets prevent hardware disease. The heavy-duty magnetic plates are designed to remove iron particles from non-magnetic materials. Using magnets keeps sharp metal objects out of your cows’ feed so the cows stay alive and well. Unfortunately, for various reasons, these magnets sometimes have the same fate as Humpty Dumpty, they become broken and cannot be repaired!

At Post Equipment Corp. we stock a large inventory of agricultural magnets, commonly used on TMR Mixers, Feed Grinders, Roller Mills, Hammer Mills, and Feed Wagons. These aluminum cast magnets are manufactured in the US, competitively priced, and are available in most sizes. Please refer to the following diagram and table for cow magnet size information:

Cow Magnet Size Table and Diagram

Please call Post Equipment Corp – Parts Department 712-476-4500 for pricing and more information about livestock magnets. We stock and ship magnets with next day delivery available on all in-stock parts.

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