Plastic Net Wrap

Plastic Net Wrap – Affecting my Cows & Mixer?

Does net wrap need to come off when processing bales in a vertical mixer?

Opinions vary, but most farmers do not take net wrap plastic off of their bales. If you are mixing feed for feeder cattle or fat cattle, no problem, leave it on! If you’re feeding dairy or stock cows, occasionally people will cut it off just to be safe due to the expected life span of the cattle, but most do not.


Does it affect the mixer wagon?

No, it does not affect the mixer’s vertical auger bearings at all! However, twine/plastic will build up on the discharge bearings in time, so it’s good to cut it off the bearings occasionally to keep it from damaging the bearing seals.


Overall, our personal opinion is it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal to keep the twine or net plastic on. It’s your personal preference!

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