IH 5600 I Truck with Roda 2020 Manure Spreader

IH 5600 I Truck with Roda 2020 Manure Spreader (stock #2814) for sale at Post Equipment Corp. in Rock Valley, IA for $68,900

  • Nice unit!
  • Truck is a 2001 IH 5600
  • Cummins ISM 350V with 335 HP
  • 10 speed tranny
  • Tandem axle
  • Hendricks suspension
  • Roda 2020 vertical beater spreader
  • Poly floor
  • Good web chains
  • Truck has been service
  • New mud flaps!
  • Good beater teeth
  • Very nice spreader!
  • SN: 118

Call us at Post Equipment 712-476-4500 for more information on this unit!

Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-2 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-3 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-4 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-5 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-6 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-7 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-8 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-9 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-10 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-11 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-12 Roda-2020-Vertical-Beater-Spreader-ID2814-13

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Mixer Wagon Seasonal Checkup

Mixer Wagon Seasonal Checkup

With new calves coming in and feeding high hay rations, be sure to check for worn out knives and thin auger flighting on your feeder wagon.

Those with vertical mixers should be aware that the plow blade/kicker on the bottom outside auger should be 1/4″ from the wall and the correct height for optimum mixing. The correct factory heights differ from brand to brand. Don’t know your correct height for mixing? Call 712.476.4500 for specs of your mixer wagon! Text a picture of your plowblade/kicker with the mixer model number to 712.470.1065 *This is very important for mix quality and cattle health.

Call us for all of your feeder wagon needs!

worn vs. new
Extremely worn out plow blade and leading edge on a vertical feeder wagon (**DO NOT let yours get even close to this bad!!)

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JBS Sand Slinger

JBS 1248 12 Foot Sand Slinger

  • 8 yard capacity
  • Front unload
  • Conveyor pivots in the middle so either can be raised and lowered for optimal unload height
  • Self-contained PTO driven hydraulic system with flow controls
  • Heavy duty web chain
  • Adjustable discharge door
  • 385 tires
  • LED light kit

Available at Post Equipment Corp. upon request – Call 712.476.4500 and ask for sales!


IMG_5820     IMG_5821

IMG_5822     IMG_5823

IMG_5824     IMG_5825

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Overfilling Mixer Wagon = BAD NEWS

Why Overfilling a Mixer Wagon is BAD NEWS


  • Reel Mixers
    • Adds extra stress to sidewalls, chains, and bearings
    • Breaks chains or bearings due to fatigue (loading side wall will bulge out)
    • Feed doesn’t mix properly (have your nutritionist do bunk samples – you will find inconsistent rations)
    • A rule of thumb: the feed should fall off the reel; when the feed rolls with the reel it means it’s too full.
  • Staggered Rotor or a Helix Reel
    • Feed must be able to tumble in the mixer, if not it is too full
  • Vertical Mixers
    • Have your nutritionist do bunk samples with the feed running over, the mixer full, and with it ¾ full to test what gives you the best results
    • Mineral and protein placement is the most critical on these mixers (be sure every animal is getting their share)

TIP: To ensure you are getting a proper mix on a reel or vertical mixer, take some oranges (or something similar) and throw them in your mixer and watch where they go.

If you need help adjusting your feeder wagon, your ration, or load size – give us a call at 712-476-4500 and we’d be happy to help! 

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