cow magnets at Post Equipment

Livestock Magnets

Livestock magnets

Cow magnets are an important part of good feed management for cattle.

livestock magnet

The use of agricultural magnets is very important to the health and well-being of your livestock. Livestock magnets prevent hardware disease. The heavy-duty magnetic plates are designed to remove iron particles from non-magnetic materials. Using magnets keeps sharp metal objects out of your cows’ feed so the cows stay alive and well. Unfortunately, for various reasons, these magnets sometimes have the same fate as Humpty Dumpty, they become broken and cannot be repaired!

At Post Equipment Corp. we stock a large inventory of agricultural magnets, commonly used on TMR Mixers, Feed Grinders, Roller Mills, Hammer Mills, and Feed Wagons. These aluminum cast magnets are manufactured in the US, competitively priced, and are available in most sizes. Please refer to the following diagram and table for cow magnet size information:

Cow Magnet Size Table and Diagram

Please call Post Equipment Corp – Parts Department 712-476-4500 for pricing and more information about livestock magnets. We stock and ship magnets with next day delivery available on all in-stock parts.

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Auger Tube & Flighting for Horizontal TMR Mixers

Auger Tube & Flighting for Horizontal TMR Mixers

The day will come when your horizontal mixer auger flighting will need to be replaced. The tube or pipe that supports the auger flighting is also important. You can look at the flighting and determine if it is adequate or not. The auger tube is more difficult to verify if flighting needs replacement. It may be necessary to drill a small hole in a high wear area such as the discharge area to receive an accurate measurement of wall thickness. A tube wall measurement on a small wagon, the bottom auger, should be not less than 1/4”. On a larger wagon 5/16” or more is best. Note: if the auger tube is adequate thickness, you should plug weld the hole shut. Never re-flight a mixer auger without first checking pipe wall depth.

If a mixer auger or flighting needs to be replaced, a good manager will shop around using the Internet and other sources for the best deal. The thickness of auger flighting is important and make sure you ask the supplier what the auger wall depth is. At Post Equipment Corp we will give you the information you need. We also offer various flight and tube thickness at a competitive prices that will best fit your budget and needs. Our goal is a satisfied customer!

Today most manufactures of horizontal augers use schedule pipe to build the auger. If you are not familiar with tube or pipe sizes and specifications please use the chart below. Please call Post Equipment Service Department for advice or assistance at 712-476-4500. Visit our website for more Reel Mixer Parts.

Auger Tube and Pipe Sizes

Pipe Size NB [in] Schedule OD [in] Wall Thickness [in] ID (in)
3.5″SCH40 3.5 SCH40 4 0.23 3.54
3.5″SCH80 3.5 SCH80 4 0.32 3.36
4″SCH40 4 SCH40 4.5 0.24 4.02
4″SCH60 4 SCH60 4.5 0.28 3.94
4″SCH80 4 SCH80 4.5 0.34 3.82
4″SCH120 4 SCH120 4.5 0.44 3.62
4″SCH160 4 SCH160 4.5 0.53 3.44
5″SCH40 5 SCH40 5.56 0.26 5.04
5″SCH80 5 SCH80 5.56 0.38 4.8
5″SCH120 5 SCH120 5.56 0.5 4.56
5″SCH160 5 SCH160 5.56 0.63 4.3
6″SCH40 6 SCH40 6.63 0.28 6.07
6″SCH80 6 SCH80 6.63 0.43 5.77
6″SCH120 6 SCH120 6.63 0.56 5.51
6″SCH160 6 SCH160 6.63 0.72 5.19
8″SCH40 8 SCH40 8.63 0.32 7.99
8″SCH60 8 SCH60 8.63 0.41 7.81
8″SCH80 8 SCH80 8.63 0.5 7.63
8″SCH100 8 SCH100 8.63 0.59 7.45
8″SCH120 8 SCH120 8.63 0.72 7.19
8″SCH140 8 SCH140 8.63 0.81 7.01

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Post Equipment feed mixer maintenance in winter

Feed Wagons Winter Weather Prep

Feed Wagons Winter Weather Wise Preparation Test – Are You Ready?

Be prepared and winterize your farm equipment, particularly feed wagons and truck mount mixers. Livestock operators can get frustrated should equipment fail due to cold, ice and snow. Livestock rely on you to get fed in a timely manner. It is a big responsibility!

mixer wagons in cold weather

EQUIPMENT INSPECTION & ADJUSTMENTS IS IMPORTANT! Always read equipment manual BEFORE OPERATING the mixer, particularly the first time. Should you not know or have a manual, please call Post Equipment Corp service department supervisor, or equipment sales manager.

mixer wagons in cold weather

  • PTO: Grease In freezing weather. The PTO shaft requires extra grease to prevent freezing.
  • TIRES must be inflated to proper maximum pressure.
  • TRAILER HITCH: Inspect trailer hitch for proper location, alignment and tightness of attaching bolts. If the upper clevis bar becomes excessively worn the hitch assembly should be unbolted and turned over so the unworn hitch bar is on top, or replace as necessary. Frequently check the clevis attaching bolts for tightness, and that the clevis is secure. Worn or damaged bolts must be replaced.
  • We recommend wheel bolts must be kept properly torqued. Damage to rim may occur if wheel bolts are not checked frequently. Kuhn Knights for example:
    8-bolt rim: 170 ft lbs-Grade 8 Lug
    10-bolt rim: 300 ft lbs-Grade 8 Lug
  • Rain can accumulate in mixer if stored outside, always remove drain plugs on hopper ends to allow unit to drain completely and replace drain plugs before next use.
  • Snow can accumulate in a mixer if stored outside, always remove drain plugs on hopper ends to allow unit to drain completely and check hopper for snow or ice buildup before operating the unit. Thaw and remove any obstructions and replace drain plugs before using.

Read more winter weather tips for feed mixer wagons here. The Post Equipment Corp. store is well stocked with parts, a full repair shop, and an on-farm service truck to serve your needs. Post Equipment is a 24-7 service company, with various shipping options for fast service. Phone 712-476-4500 to keep your blood pressure down and your livestock content.

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feed wagon repair and maintenance

Feed Wagon Maintenance

“Not now – I’m too busy for a feed wagon breakdown!”

Sound familiar? This is the time of the year that everyone is very busy with harvest and other farm responsibilities. We all know that farm equipment maintenance is important, but it can get neglected particularly this time of the year. As in changing the oil of your vehicle, feed wagons and manure spreaders need regular maintenance, even during the busy times of the year. Here is a list of parts on your feed wagon and manure spreader that are most likely to fail and need regular maintenance. Give them a 5 minute visual inspection to prevent break-downs.

  • Bearings – make sure bearings are tight and greased.
  • Bearing inserts
  • Belts & Roller Chains – check for cracks, proper tension, and overall wear.
  • Oil – check for leaks and make sure oil reservoirs are filled to the proper level.
  • Lights
  • PTO’s
  • Knives
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Scales

Be aware of these parts in particular when it comes to keeping your feed wagon and manure spreader in good working order and to avoid down time. Looking ahead to the winter weather, be sure to read this post on preventing mixer wagon breakdowns in the cold weather, and we have more mixer wagon maintenance tips in this post. Phone Post Equipment Corp. if you have a repair need. Our store is well-stocked with parts on hand, a full repair shop, and an on-farm service truck to serve your needs. Post Equipment is a 24/7 service company with many shipping options, including overnight shipping. Call 712-476-4500 to keep you moving forward and your livestock content.

Happy harvest!


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